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Friday, July 1, 2022

Monthly Recap: June 2022


This month was h*ll. I was already dealing with allergy symptoms last month. Add to that getting the common cold with a lovely dry hacking cough reading was just not getting done. I still don't know how I listened to 3 whole books in between all the coughing. 

Side note: I'm bearly going out of the house since The Plague hit and when I do I'm always wearing a mask. How in the H*LL did I manage to get the common cold? We've confirmed it's not covid (so that's a relief at least). The day I got sick I should have played the lottery 😂

I finally got a definitive answer as to why I'm having allergy symptoms without actually having a true allergic reaction (something you can see isn't happening through blood tests). Turns out the most likely explanation is my anxiety. Love hearing that I'm basically digging my own grave at this point. The thing is I can't even disagree with the doctor because I've been going to her for around 14 years and she's a fantastic doctor. I wish all doctors were like her. It's just really nice being heard and seeing the information that I'm giving sink in instead of being dismissed and called crazy in between the lines.

Here's to learning how to relax & maybe figuring out some deep breathing exercises? 

Until next month!
Happy reading!

Books I Read & Listened
To In June

| Audio BookAudio Book | Audio Book |
  • Wolf Of Fire By Krista Street - I adore the universe this author has created! I feel bad that it took me SO long to get to this series. I was waiting on the audio book to release and it did not disappoint! (My review is live here!)
  • Knox By Elizabeth Dear -  I was pleasantly surprised by this story. When I first heard that Knox "The Jack*ss" Monroe would get his story I was not on board. I've been burned in the past bad with anti-hero stories so, if I'm being frank, I was going to skip this one entirely. It was actually really cool to win a copy and try it out and end up loving it! (My review coming soon!)
Books I Can't Wait To Get
My Hands On In July

* Book titles are linked to Goodreads.
Here's What Happened On
This Blog In June

I reviewed the following books & audiobooks:

What books are you looking forward to reading this month?
Let me know in the comments below!
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