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Monday, July 4, 2022

Book Review: Fate Touched By Becky Moynihan

Fate Touched
(A Touch of Vampire #3)
By Becky Moynihan

The world’s fate rests in her hands . . .

My soulmate has been taken from me, and I’ll do anything to get him back.

Even kill.

But finding him proves to be harder than I thought. And dangerous. Even with Lochlan’s brother by my side, rogues continue to target me.

Despite the growing peril, the race is on to break the curse, and my only hope is to locate Lochlan before it becomes permanent. If that happens, there will be no saving the world from its destructive fate.

FATE TOUCHED is the thrilling conclusion to this steamy upper YA/NA paranormal vampire romance series. If you like fated mates and forbidden romance, heartrending twists, a tough heroine, and a sexy antihero, this book is for you.
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My Review:

* Anything in red is a spoiler.

This was a fantastic conclusion to Kenna and Loch's story! I loved so many aspects of it. The universe the author created with this series is very interesting. I can't wait to see how she expands it even more with the spin-off that's coming!

Kenna is a survivor. I loved how it's shown that she actually had to put in the effort of training to learn to control some of her powers. By this point she had so many people helping her through everything all in the hopes of breaking the curse. I enjoyed watching them work together to protect and defend each other.

I liked Loch a lot but he could get overly protective and domineering in quite a few situations. Some of it is explained away due to the mating bond and such but I would have loved to have seen it turned down much earlier in the book. In the end, he does do something about it which ends up saving them all. I won't be elaborating anymore on that because of spoilers.

On a completely separate note, the ending felt rushed. It almost felt like Loch and Kenna's story could have had a whole other book added to it to flesh out all the fighting and chaos that was going on. I would have loved to have gotten Loch's POV while in battle as well. Overall I think it was a missed opportunity to show everyone being bad*sses.

Now to the only aspect of this novel I disliked: The Epilogue. Most epilogues are fine, some even interesting. I'm not usually an epilogue person but there have been a few that have been great. This one rubbed me the wrong way. I disliked how Loch and Kenna couldn't just be happy being together and having their friends around and ruling over the vampires. There just HAD to be a miracle baby involved. I dislike the idea that you can only be happy/it's only a happy ending if there's a kid on the way. Being in a relationship that doesn't involve kids is just as valid. Happiness doesn't always have to equite to having kids. This is particularly annoying due to the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the US. Even while not living in the US it still grinds my gears that people are losing rights over their bodies that shouldn't even be up for discussion.

My Rating:

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