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Friday, November 27, 2020

My Ramblings: Vampires Should Make A Comeback!

It's been a while since I've written one of these!
So I'll come back with a hot take:

Vampires Should Make A Comeback! 

Well, let me rephrase that: PNR (paranormal romance) should make a comeback. I'm not just saying that because I'm a big fan of PNR (because I am). We haven't had a big boom in YA (young adult) since Twilight happened. Remember back in 2007 and 2008 when vampires and werewolves were in almost every YA novel? Well, I want that back, so could the publishing industry get themselves together and give me maybe 3 years of YA PNR books, k thx bye.

What had me in this thought bubble was a video I watched recently where Alexa Donne made a lot of things about YA publishing very clear. So many YA specific imprints are closing as of late and have been dwindling for the past few years. YA is a relatively new division (though I call it a genre because it's what it felt like to me all these years) and after the boom with Twilight and Hunger Games happened they (the publishers) were always looking for and publishing what they perceived as the "next big thing". That mentality basically maimed YA and here we still are. 

I'm probably not a great example in reading YA because I've grown away from it in the past few years. I can probably count on 2 hands the number of specifically YA books that I've read and loved. Considering that I read mostly PNR and UF (urban fantasy) there's a lot less variety in YA than there was in the beginning when I fell in love with YA. Don't get me wrong, there still are gems to be found in the PNR and UF but they're a little bit harder to find. While we're at it let's take a second to appreciate the amazing stories that YA brought into our lives because there was a time that there wasn't even a YA division and my little 13-year-old self was stuck reading adult PNR. Oof

Basically, I wish vampires and werewolves and all the other amazing paranormal creatures out there in all the lore and myths in the world were at the forefront again so I can stack up a few thousand books to read within the next decade of my life and then restart the cycle again. 

Once every ten years sounds fair to me, how about you?

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