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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Are The Bane Of My Existence

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This Week's Topic:
Ten Books That Are The Bane Of My Existence

* I'll justify this classification (the bane of my existence) with excerpts of my review of the novel.
* Titles are linked to my review.

"This book read like an erotica novel and that made no sense to me considering this is categorized as 'romantic suspense' on Amazon. I'm a newbie to the genre, but the few books I've read in this category don't compare to this novel. I don't understand how this got categorized as suspense because there was nothing suspenseful or mysterious about it. Everyone had answers to almost everything and most times it resolved itself in 5 seconds or less."

"My expectations made it so I disliked this book. That's the problem with expectations. You set yourself up for failure almost every time. The second book in this series was so good and the way Tracker was portrayed made it so my expectations sky rocketed. I guess it's my own fault."

"I'll start off by setting the mood for this review: I disliked this book. I can't say I hated it because that would be too strong of a word, but it got to the point of me rethinking my decision to start this novel and wanting to never touch it again."

"I couldn't take this anymore when I hit 32%. Conversations with most of the character's seemed forced and unnatural. It was like they were having a competition to see who could be the most sarcastic and get away with it. I also can't make myself recall either of their names. That's how much I liked reading this story."

"The heroine had a few moments of 'wow she's awesome', but would go back to being an idiot and pitying herself 2 pages later. I also didn't understand the dynamic she had with Ethan. One moment it was leaning toward romantic and the next they hated each other. This book seemed very young YA if it wasn't for a few lines where she commented on how attractive people were. Maybe it's just me but I was under the impression that there was going to be somewhat of a love interest."

"Everything about this novel seemed robotic. The grammar was too proper and because of that everyone had only one option: to speak in monotone. The narrator tried to infer emotion through the voices, but it just wasn't possible. Overall, I got very bored listening to this."

"This book came off as very childish. I can't believe I let myself get swindled by another review that stated this was a "new take" on the bodyguard and spoiled heirs storyline. I'd correct that by saying that this is a childish take on that type of storyline."

"I also had a problem with Nathen. Before everything clicked into place I was on his side of the love triangle, but by the end of it all, I had 'Twilight' flashbacks of Jacob and Renesmee and my stomach started churning. No offense to anyone who loves Twilight because I have read the books and it was that book series that got me into reading vampire and werewolf romances, but with all the books I've read since then I realize that there are much better books out there."

"I despised Ember as a character. I don't understand if she was just THAT dense or just plain stupid. Other than her 'weird' eyes and red and black hair there wasn't anything all that strange about her. It never gets explained why everyone in this small town has it out for her. So lights blow up when she's near, there are 30 other people in the room who's to say it wasn't one of them then?"

"This book has me so perplexed. There were a few things that happened or were mentioned in this novel that I can't wrap my head around. This story could have gone in a completely different direction if it weren't for all that."

What books are the bane of your existence?
Let me know in the comments below!

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