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Monday, July 11, 2022

Audio Book Review: Knox By Elizabeth Dear

(BlackstoneAcademy #3)
By Elizabeth Dear

Narrator: Stefanie Kay & Neill Thorne
Length: 10 hours and 23 minutes

When I broke my year-long vow of celibacy for a one night stand with a beautiful, intriguing wolf girl I met in a Las Vegas bar, I thought I’d be chalking it up to just another notch on my bedpost—as much as I’d actually wished it could have been more.

But when I return home to my Pack and my duties as Alpha, including my new volunteer gig at Blackstone Academy as its interim men’s soccer coach, I discover that my Vegas girl is not only the school’s latest hire, but she’s also the newest addition to our Pack—and she’s not exactly thrilled about it.

I’m also facing increasing threats from the outside—like megalomaniac Alphas who want to take my Pack from me—but I’m determined to prove that I’m the best Alpha for this Pack in spite of the fact that I inherited the role as a teenager from my conniving coward of a father when he disappeared ten years ago.

To top it all off, I’m under constant pressure from the Pack elite to finally settle down with a powerful mate so that I can provide a strong Alpha Heir, showing these meddlesome outsiders that our Alpha line is virile and strong.

I’m holding it together, and I’m still not looking for a mate—except I can’t seem to stop myself from thinking about our newest Pack member, who fascinates me in a way no woman has in a very long time.

In the eyes of the Pack, she’s exactly the wrong kind of wolf for me, but I learned my lesson the first time I rejected a wolf I thought was beneath me.

It was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made—one that I won’t be making a second time.

I’m Knox Monroe, Alpha of the Northwest Louisiana Pack, and I’m going to protect my Pack and get the girl—and no one is going to fucking stop me.

This is a New Adult(ish) M/F Paranormal Romance. While it is possible to read as a standalone, it is highly encouraged that you at least read Mave’s book (Blackstone Academy Book 1) for a richer understanding of Knox’s backstory, the characters that will appear in this book, and the world of the NWLA Pack. As always, this book is intended for those 18+ and contains steamy scenes and foul language. There is a slight age gap between our hero and heroine, who are both in their twenties. If you’re ready to get into Knox’s head and see him finally get his HEA, then come on in.

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My Review:

* I won a copy of this audiobook in a giveaway. All opinions in this review are my own.

I was pleasantly surprised by this story. When I first heard that Knox "The Jack*ss" Monroe would get his story I was not on board. I've been burned in the past bad with anti-hero stories so, if I'm being frank, I was going to skip this one entirely. It was actually really cool to win a copy and try it out and end up loving it!

Going back to those anti-hero stories that have burned me in the past. At first, I thought this story was going to give Knox a personality transplant to make him likable enough to get to a place in the story where he deserves a happy ending. I can not tell you how wrong I was! He's still the same old Knox just quite a few years removed *ahem* matured from his philandering ways. He's sowed his oats and just wants to settle down while still keeping the respect he's earned as alpha. It was actually a breath of fresh air to see him not be a d*ck for the sake of being one. I liked that he actually learned how to respect people that are less powerful than him in the hierarchy of the pack. It was weird because I found myself kinda sorta liking him for the first time since he was introduced.

Kady was fantastic! She was such a good match for Knox. I loved her sass and spunky personality. I liked that she didn't grow up in a pack and therefore didn't care much about hierarchy, power level, and such. I loved how fate basically threw Knox and Kady together. Their banter was also very entertaining to listen to.

I didn't see the resolution with Knox's father coming but I'm very glad that that plotline has been put to rest. That guy deserves whatever he has coming. 

However, there were things I didn't love about this book. Firstly, the overdramatic girl-on-girl hate. This is something that has been present in all the books I've read by this author so far and it still bothers me to no end. Secondly, how what seems, but is probably an over-exaggeration on my part, like every other pack aside from Knox's is extremely homophobic and sexist. This is fiction. Could we maybe tone that down? The world is burning as it is. I want to get away from all that when I'm reading not dive head first into it.

Overall, I enjoyed Knox's story very much. I will continue on in this series and will probably read whatever else this author writes. The writing style is rather steady-paced and relaxing to listen to. I'm very glad I was proven wrong with this book!

The Audio Book:

The narration was great! All the characters were distinguishable from each other. 

My Rating:

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