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Friday, July 14, 2017

Book Tag: The Creatures Of The Night Book Tag

This tag was created by Katytastic. The basic premiss is to choose a book that features the creature stated in each category and to pick your favorite character of that creature in the book.


Vampire Huntress Series By Jeaniene Frost
Favorite Character: Cat

She's very witty and won't be bossed around.
She's calculating to a certain degree and she's
earned my  respect throughout the series.

(Linked to my review)


Alpha & Omega Series By Patricia Briggs
Favorite Character: Charles

My review says it all, "He's good looking, caring, just
the right amount of possessive and most importantly
he doesn't treat his Mate like a maid and doesn't
order her around."

(Linked to my review)


Strange Angels Series By Lili St. Crow
Favorite Character: Graves

The zombie's in this series are all despicable.
Graves isn't a zombie, but he's introduced into
the story when he gets attacked and the heroine
saves him. I remember liking him quite a bit.
I'm on his team in the love triangle that the
story created.

(Linked to Goodreads)


Darkest Powers Trilogy By Kelley Armstrong
Favorite Character: I think her name is Rae.
(It's been too long since I've read the series, but
I vividly remember there being a very active
and helpful girl ghost.)

(Linked to Goodreads)


Hex Hall Series By Rachel Hawkins
Favorite Character: Sophie

It's been a few years since I've read this series, so
all I can say is that what little I remember left a big
enough of an impression for me to have very fond
memories for the series overall.

(Linked to Goodreads)


Faeriewalker Series By Jenna Black
Favorite Character: Ethan

From what I remember he's the very good looking
guy who the heroine thinks she has no chance with.
He's turns out to be a pretty nice guy and helpful in
all the problems Dana finds herself in.

(Linked to Goodreads)


The Veil Series By Pippa DaCosta
Favorite Character: Stefan

He proved his demon nature throughout the series.
He went from being a 'good' demon to the worst of
the worst h*llbent on destruction to finding the light
once again. 

(Linked to my review)


Hush, Hush By Becca Fitzpatrick
Favorite Character: Patch

Full disclosure: I only read the first two books in this series
because the story started to drag. I remember that I liked
Patch very much. Though looking back he was a bit too
hot and cold and very broudy.

(Linked to Goodreads)


Obsidian By Jennifer Armentrout
Favorite Character: Daemon

He's witty and overall a nice guy. This was also the
first alien book that I remember reading. It left
quite an impression.

(Linked to Goodreads)

Superpowered Human

Altered By Jennifer Rush
Favorite Character: Sam

According to my review, "He's strong, protective and
will always have your back". I'm also very biased
because I've reread this book various times and I love it
more every time.

(Linked to my review)

Bonus Categories (added by other participants of this tag):

Dark Lord

London Fae Series By Pippa DaCosta
Favorite Villain: The Fae High Queen

This villain (The Fae High Queen) gave me the creeps
and made my overall fear of spiders even worse. 

(Linked to my review)


I can't remember if I've ever read a book that had
elves in the storyline.

What's your favorite type of paranormal creature in fiction?
Let me know in the comments below!

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