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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Five Most Vivid Bookish Worlds

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I recently updated the widget on the lower right side of this blog to feature the bookish blogs I follow on a regular basis. Feel free to show them some love! The only other bookish sites I use would be Goodreads and Booklikes. So I'll be switching up this weeks theme:

Five Most Vivid Bookish Worlds

* Book covers are linked to my review of the novel.

1. Mageri Series By Dannika Dark

Considering all this author's novels are set in the same world I will also add the Crossbreed Series and the Seven Series to this list! This author's storytelling abilities get better and better with every book she releases. Though I wasn't a big fan of the Mageri series (see my review for an explanation on that) I can recognize the beautifully intricate and cohesive universe she built with unique characters and continues to expand with every novel.

2. The Veil Series By Pippa DaCosta

This also includes the Chaos Rises trilogy because they're set in the same world. This author has such a way with words and deceiving the reader with unpredictable plot twist after plot twist. It's also a unique take on demons and how their world meshes with ours and the consequences that come along with that.

3. Red Winter Trilogy By Annette Marie

This author also has a beautiful way with words. She has the ability to present these complex tales while still keeping me entertained and looking forward to what happens next.

4. Steel & Stone Series By Annette Marie

See the last description because it also applies to this series!

5. Wildcats Series By Rachel Vincent

Even after years of ending her original shifter series, this author has me pulled into its spin-off. I love the world she built in the original series, but the way she expanded it in this spin-off series makes that much more intriguing. I want to see it evolve even more or, better yet, what happens if the people in charge refuse to go with the times.

What's the most vivid bookish setting you've encountered so far?
Let's discuss in the comments below!


  1. I had no idea Rachel Vincent had written so many books! I've read a few of her more recent ones but I keep discovering these older books she's written! Also, the Dannika Dark books look very fun!

    1. Rachel Vincent has quite a few books published. Her Shifter series are the books that introduced me to her. I remember them being good, though I don't how they've held up over time. I'm pushing Dannika Dark's books on anyone and everyone! They are amazing, specially the Crossbreed series. The Mageri series is good for the world building, but still a good series :)


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