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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Audio Book Review: Ravenheart By Dannika Dark

(Keystone #2)
By Dannika Dark

Narrated By: Nicole Poole
Length: 10 hours and 40 minutes


Two weeks after joining Keystone, Raven Black is ready to take on the world as a criminal hunter for hire. If only her partner wasn’t a bloodsucking Vampire with a penchant for getting under her skin. Despite her lavish surroundings, Raven misses the freedom of life without rules. And Keystone’s next assignment is about to test her self-control in more ways than one.

Dead bodies are popping up in the human district, and all signs point to a Breed serial killer. In order to catch him, Raven and Christian embark on a mission that takes their partnership into uncharted waters. Lives are at stake. Can Raven trust her instincts, or will she fall into a web spun from lies and deceit?

Time is running out in this pulse-pounding tale of dark secrets, murder, and forbidden desires.
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My Review:

This was such a good book! The time seemed to fly by even though the audio book was over 10 hours long. This novel was very well written and steadily paced. The next book can't get to me fast enough.

Raven is an amazing character. She's very strong-willed, with a questionable moral compass that most don't understand. At the end of the day, she does the right thing, but won't shy away from wanting to deal out her version of justice. 

Christen has grown on me even more after I read the Mageri series. I adore his snarky and most times vulgar sense of humor. It seems Raven is gaining his respect and he's at a loss as to what's next for them. 

The side characters left a big impression this time around. I especially want to know more about Gem and Shepard. I hope that after this series is done that there will be a book/novella for a few of the characters in this novel to get a happy ending. 

The ending was very sweet. I liked how the title finally made sense to the story. I have a vague theory as to what the Keystone group will be up against in the third novel. 

The Audio Book:

Nicole Poole doesn't disappoint. Her narrations are incredible. Every character (male and female) have very realistic and distinguishing voices. 

My Rating:

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