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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Power Of Book Covers: Alpha By Jus Accardo

They say don't judge a book by its movie...err...COVER. 
BUT they never said we couldn't PRAISE them.

This week's cover:

(Infinity Division #3)
By Jus Accardo

“A fun YA sci-fi story with a compelling cast of characters.” —Kirkus Reviews on Infinity

Sera is the obsession of a killer chasing a ghost. G is a soldier with too much blood on his hands.

Dylan lost the only person he ever loved—and will stop at nothing to get her back.

In a whirlwind chase that takes them back to where it all started, Sera, G, and Dylan will have to confront their demons—both physical and mental—and each other, in order to win their freedom.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Five Most Vivid Bookish Worlds

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Welcome back to:
A weekly feature created By The Broke And The Bookish
Currently featured on That Artsy Reader Girl

I recently updated the widget on the lower right side of this blog to feature the bookish blogs I follow on a regular basis. Feel free to show them some love! The only other bookish sites I use would be Goodreads and Booklikes. So I'll be switching up this weeks theme:

Five Most Vivid Bookish Worlds

* Book covers are linked to my review of the novel.

1. Mageri Series By Dannika Dark

Considering all this author's novels are set in the same world I will also add the Crossbreed Series and the Seven Series to this list! This author's storytelling abilities get better and better with every book she releases. Though I wasn't a big fan of the Mageri series (see my review for an explanation on that) I can recognize the beautifully intricate and cohesive universe she built with unique characters and continues to expand with every novel.

2. The Veil Series By Pippa DaCosta

This also includes the Chaos Rises trilogy because they're set in the same world. This author has such a way with words and deceiving the reader with unpredictable plot twist after plot twist. It's also a unique take on demons and how their world meshes with ours and the consequences that come along with that.

3. Red Winter Trilogy By Annette Marie

This author also has a beautiful way with words. She has the ability to present these complex tales while still keeping me entertained and looking forward to what happens next.

4. Steel & Stone Series By Annette Marie

See the last description because it also applies to this series!

5. Wildcats Series By Rachel Vincent

Even after years of ending her original shifter series, this author has me pulled into its spin-off. I love the world she built in the original series, but the way she expanded it in this spin-off series makes that much more intriguing. I want to see it evolve even more or, better yet, what happens if the people in charge refuse to go with the times.

What's the most vivid bookish setting you've encountered so far?
Let's discuss in the comments below!

Release Day Blitz: Blackout By Dannika Dark

(Crossbreed #4)
By Dannika Dark

The fate of millions rests on Keystone when they embark on their most important assignment of all…

After what was supposed to be a simple job, Raven and Christian uncover a sinister plot against the higher authority, and the stakes are as high as the body count. The assassins are merciless, with anyone who stands in their way becoming collateral damage. Meanwhile, Raven is still struggling to make sense of her feelings for Christian following a memory wipe.

During a blackout, the city erupts into chaos. With Breed on the brink of war, Keystone has only twenty-four hours to complete a secret mission. Raven seeks help from the most unlikely of places, but at what cost?

It’s a race against time to save lives in this explosive installment of the Crossbreed series.
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Check Out The Other Books In This Series:
(Linked to my review)

The first book in the Crossbreed Series is currently on #SALE for $0.99!
If you haven't started this amazing series now is the perfect opportunity!

(Crossbreed #1)
By Dannika Dark

Raven Black hunts evildoers for fun, but her vigilante justice isn't the only reason she's hiding from the law. Half Vampire, half Mage, she's spent years living as a rogue to stay alive. When a Russian Shifter offers her a job in his covert organization hunting outlaws, dignity and a respectable career are finally within her grasp. The catch? Her new partner is Christian Poe—a smug, handsome Vampire whom she'd rather stake than go on a stakeout with.

They're hot on the trail of a human killer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. One misstep during her probationary period could jeopardize Raven's chance at redemption, and her partner would love nothing more than to see her fail. Dark secrets, unexpected twists, and a blurred line between good and evil will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Will Raven find the courage to succeed, or will she give in to her dark nature?
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Available At:
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Listen To The Audio Book Sample:
About The Author:

Dannika Dark is the USA Today Bestselling Author of Urban Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance books. Her books have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, and she is a 2016 Audie Awards finalist. In addition to writing about supernatural worlds, Dannika is passionate about graphic design and creates all her own covers and series art. When not writing in her cave, she enjoys indie music, reading, Netflix, heaps of chocolate, and unleashing her dark side.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Audio Book Review: Moon Kissed By Jennifer Snyder

Moon Kissed
(Mirror Lake Wolves #1)
By Jennifer Snyder

Narrated By: Nicole Blessing
Length: 5 hours and 46 minutes

Life is different for those living in the Mirror Lake Trailer Park.

Mina Ryan has waited years for her werewolf gene to trigger. The clock is ticking, if she isn't Moon Kissed soon, she runs the risk of becoming an outsider to her pack.

Bigger issues arise when Mina learns one of her pack members has gone missing. Even worse, she might know something about their disappearance. There's only one person Mina can turn to for help. Too bad she has a hard time trusting herself when she's around him...

With the full moon looming closer, the mystery of a missing pack member growing, and her attraction to the Alpha's son blooming, it's all Mina can do to keep her head and heart in check.

Thousands of copies sold. Millions of pages read. Enter the world of werewolves and mystery in Moon Kissed, the first book in a suspenseful, romantic, action-packed series fans of The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf love!
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Available At:

My Review:

If I had bothered to read a few reviews of this book before I got it things would have ended better. So for that, I will admit fault. This book features a love triangle, which I haven't been a fan of for a few years now. It didn't help how small the universe the author created felt. The lore and the wolves self-inflicted seclusion from the rest of the town was a bit weird. 

Mina wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. There were times when I started questioning her common sense and self-preservation instincts. **Spoiler** The hardest pill to swallow was when she knew, for a fact, that a few of Alec's friends were up to no good and that it involved endangering werewolves and she still made it a point to be around them.**End Of Spoiler** Another thing I found weird was her overprotectiveness towards her sister. It would come up out of nowhere with no justification for it and would never lead to anything. Her inner monologue was, at times, too descriptive and detailed for me.

Alec was an average guy with an average life. I didn't feel the chemistry between him and Mina. The worst part of him were his friends, which seemed to only be around to make him look better in comparison. They felt very stereotypical and one dimensional.

Eli was mysterious and warmed up to me throughout the story. Though, I didn't understand why he insisted on giving alcohol to a minor. I also didn't see what he saw in Mina. There was never any real spark between them unless they coincidentally happened to be alone somewhere.

The ending felt off. There were a few major problems presented in this novel, but the only one that got solved was the obvious one that you can deduce from the cover and length of this still growing series alone. Overall, this felt like half a story and I'm not sure I'm invested enough to want to read the next book in this series.

The Audio Book:

The audio narration isn't great. It's slow and full of longer than needed pauses. This is the second book I read sped up because I couldn't stand the pauses. The narrator has maybe 2 voice intonations for women and 2 for men. There's not much distinction when there are more than 3 people having a conversation. Overall, the narrator didn't help with my apprehension of the story after I figured out that it featured a love triangle.

My Rating:

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Book Look #217: Rose & Thorn By Sarah Prineas

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Hope you enjoy!! C:

Book Looks was created by @Jen and Books and Other Happy Ever Afters.

This Week:
Rose & Thorn By Sarah Prineas
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