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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Book Look #223: Through the Veil By Colleen Halverson

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Hope you enjoy!! C:

Book Looks was created by @Jen and Books and Other Happy Ever Afters.

This Week:
Through the Veil By Colleen Halverson
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Friday, September 21, 2018

My Ramblings: Speeding Through Audio Books

Speeding Through Audio Books

If I had read that someone sped up an audio book narration times 2, up until a few weeks ago, I would have looked on with disdain. Now I understand the struggle and the need to speed things up. Some days the book, story or narrator just isn't cooperating and you just need to do what you need to. 

Let's be honest, we've all listened to samples of audio books and thought the narrator was ok and 9+ hours later regretted it immensely. It's usually the number of long pauses and breathiness that get to me in the long run. I learned, the hard way, that some narrators need to be listened to in 1 hour increments. If that doesn't happen I start to question why I ever picked that particular story up in the first place and end up despising the book and the narrator. Though that isn't the only reason why I learned to like speeding up narrations. There are some books that get so boring in the last hour or so that if I don't speed it up it'll never get finished.

What I still don't understand is why some people listen to mostly sped up audio books on a regular basis. I can understand that that probably means more books get read but for me sped up audio books are just a means to end. I don't get immersed in the narration or the story when I speed them up. Reading is an escape of sorts for me, so not getting immersed in the story would get frustrating in the long run.

Do you like speeding up audio book narrations on a regular basis? Why is that?
I'd love to know in the comments below!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Power Of Book Covers: Bound By Sorcery By Antara Mann

They say don't judge a book by its movie...err...COVER. 
BUT they never said we couldn't PRAISE them.

This week's cover:

Bound By Sorcery
(Half-Goddess Chronicles #1)
By Antara Mann

A supernatural apocalypse is brewing. And only secret magic can defeat it.

Alexandra Shaw may be an elemental mage, but she prefers the quiet life, running her struggling occult bookshop. With secrets of her own and a magical lineage shrouded in mystery, she keeps a low profile. But when a New York banker is found gruesomely murdered with an ancient symbol carved into his chest — one representing a cult of demon hunters long thought extinct — the supernatural community, including the Magic Council, is stunned.

Alex reluctantly joins the investigation to keep her shop afloat, but tensions between gods and demons continue to rise and threaten to break into a devastating war. To diffuse the situation, the Council assigns a fiercely powerful and sexy fae to the case.

Ancient cults, demons, gods, ritualistic murders, a tempting fae — and as if all that weren't bad enough, now someone’s trying to kill her…
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Available At:
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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Book Blitz: Three Mages And A Margarita By Annette Marie

Three Mages And A Margarita
(The Guild Codex: Spellbound #1)
By Annette Marie

Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Published By: Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.

Broke, almost homeless, and recently fired. Those are my official reasons for answering a wanted ad for a skeevy-looking bartender gig.

It went downhill the moment they asked me to do a trial shift instead of an interview—to see if I’d mesh with their “special” clientele. I think that part went great. Their customers were complete dickheads, and I was an asshole right back. That’s the definition of fitting in, right?

I expected to get thrown out on my ass. Instead, they...offered me the job?

It turns out this place isn’t a bar. It’s a guild. And the three cocky guys I drenched with a margarita during my trial? Yeah, they were mages. Either I’m exactly the kind of takes-no-shit bartender this guild needs, or there's a good reason no one else wants to work here.

So what’s a broke girl to do? Take the job, of course—with a pay raise

Note: The three mages are definitely sexy, but this series isn’t a reverse harem. It’s 100% fun, sassy, fast- paced urban fantasy.
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Available At:
(Audio Book Release Date: Oct. 16th)
| AmazonTantor |

When I gazed vacantly at her, Clara visibly paled. “Tori, what’s your class?”

“My class?”

She pressed her hands to the bar top, eyes wide. “Your class, what is it?”

“You mean at the community college? I’m taking—”

“No, your mythic class!” She shoved my card under my nose, even more frantic.

“Why doesn’t your license have a mythic identification number? You’re registered, aren’t you?”

“Registered for what? Clara, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.”

“Oh my god.” Panic flashed in her eyes. “I don’t believe it. You’re human.”

I blinked again. Squinted. Rubbed one ear like I might have misheard.

“Beg your pardon?”

Clara dropped my ID on the bar and hid her face behind her hands. “Darius is going to kill me. Why didn’t I check your ID last night? I’m an idiot.”

“Clara,” I said, alarmed and confused in equal measure. “I swear it’s a real ID. I’m twenty-one, old enough to bartend, and—”

“That’s not the problem,” she moaned. “How did you even find out about this place? I never should have—but you were perfect. You weren’t scared of anyone—not even Aaron! I thought you were some badass mythic who wanted to bartend, but you—”

“Get over yourself, Aaron.” Kai’s angry voice rose over Clara’s. “We’re not doing this your way—not again. Your plans always end in fireballs and explosions.”

Fireballs? Explosions? I glanced at them as Aaron snapped, “What’s wrong with that?”
“Tori.” Clara’s panicked tone drew my attention back to her as Kai and Aaron continued to argue. “Last night, did you see anything?”


“Did you see anything ... unusual?”

“Did I see anything unusual?” I repeated blankly. “Like what?”

“Say that again,” Aaron shouted furiously, “and I’ll toast your pale ass to a healthy crisp!”

His hand shot into the air—and fire burst from his fingers. The red flames danced across his skin, sparks raining down on the table. Curling his hand into a fist, he cocked his arm back, aiming for Kai.

“Aaron!” Clara shrieked. “Put your fire away!”
He froze in mid-motion, his fist still blazing.

“Clara? What’s wrong?”

“Put it out!” she yelled, her voice high with panic.


He flicked his fingers open and the flames vanished.

“Jeez, don’t get your panties in a twist. I wasn’t actually going to roast him.”

“Just—just shut up for once in your life, Aaron!”

Clara pressed her hands to her head like she was trying to squeeze her brain. “This is already bad enough.”

“What’s bad?” He pushed back from the table and strode over, Kai and Ezra on his heels. “What’s going on?”

I didn’t move, my eyes fixed on his hand—his hand that had been engulfed in flames. Did that count as unusual?

“I screwed up,” Clara groaned, covering her face again like she couldn’t stand to see me.

“I didn’t check her ID yesterday.”

Aaron slid my driver’s license off the bar top and read it. “Victoria Dawson? Your name is Victoria?” I shook off my shock to scowl at his sniggering tone.

Kai plucked the card out of Aaron’s hand. “There’s no MID number.”

“Is it a fake ID?” Aaron asked with amusement. “Did you hire a rogue, Clara?”

“Worse,” Clara whispered. “She’s human.”

The three guys stared at me, and I stared back without the slightest idea what the hell anyone was talking about. But more important than the incomprehensible conversation was the fact Aaron’s hand had been on fire, and I couldn’t figure out how it could possibly have been a trick.

“No way,” Aaron finally said. “What’s your class, Tori?” I pointed at his hand. “Was that real fire?”

“Oh, shit,” Kai muttered.

About The Author:

Annette Marie is the author of the Amazon best-selling Steel & Stone series, which includes Goodreads Choice Award nominee Yield the Night, and fantasy trilogy Red Winter. Her first love is fantasy, but fast-paced adventures and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada (okay, it's not quite that bad) with her comparatively sensible husband and their furry minion of darkness—sorry, cat— Caesar. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.
Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter |

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My Fall 2018 TBR

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Welcome back to:
A weekly feature created By The Broke And The Bookish
Currently featured on That Artsy Reader Girl

Books On My Fall 2018 TBR
(Books on this list have a current release date between Sept. 1st - Nov. 30th)

I've really liked the books I've read by this author so I'm hoping the trend continues on with this series. This series is also supposed to feature characters that have been brought up in her other series so it'll be exciting getting the see them in a different light.

From the synopsis, this book sounds like SO much fun! The audio book is set to release a month after the ebook (which I'm so excited about!). These are also brand new characters that have nothing to do with this author's past series, which I'm fascinated to see. She built out the worlds of her other series' so well I can't wait to see what she does with this one.

The Darkest Star
(Origin #1)
By Jennifer L. Armentrout

I liked the Lux series, but it eventually fell off for me on the last book. I tried picking it up, but I couldn't get into it. What that being said, I'm excited to see what the author does with this spin-off. I have no idea who the main character is (because it's been so long since I've read Lux), so I'm hoping for a clean slate.

Ian's book has been such a long time coming! I'm both excited and apprehensive. All this because I read the last book in Vlad's series and the heroine of Ian's book was presented there. Let's just say I wasn't a fan of her. I hope I get over it and she eventually warms up to me, but we'll have to wait and see.

What books are you looking forward to
reading in the new few months?
Let's discuss in the comments below!
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