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Friday, May 25, 2018

My Ramblings: Names I Can't Stand In Books

Names I Can't Stand In Books

Everyone has a name or two that they can't stand. The reasons will vary but most of mine come down to either because I know someone with that name in real life and I dislike them or every time I come across the name I second guess myself on how to pronounce it in my head (audio books have done wonders to limit this). Though most of the names I don't like aren't usually used in books because I'm in Brazil and I read books in english. 

There have been a few that have crossed over:

1. Soifra - I don't know how to pronounce it and second guessing myself during the story (that featured this name for the main character) took away from the story. 

2. Nathaniel - I had a physics teacher with this name. He would poke you in the ribs when you called him to your desk for help on a worksheet. If I never see or hear this name in my lifetime it'll still be too soon. He's also why I learned to despise physics.

3. Scarlett - I knew a person with this name when I was in high school. She's was a two-faced witch and I don't want to be reminded of her in a book I'm trying to enjoy.

4. Mary Anne (and all its variations) - My dislike of this name goes back to elementary school. I've met a lot of people with this name in my lifetime (apparently it's a VERY common name in Brazil) and most haven't been pleasant. I'd rather not have random tidbits of memories clouding up my judgment when I'm reading a book.

What names DON'T you like in books?
Is there a reason behind it or was it an irrational decision?
Let's discuss in the comments below


  1. Most fantasy names irk me, because I never know how to pronounce them. It makes my reading take longer than it should, as I stumble over the name every time. I have never attached any personal memory to any of the names of characters in books, but I could see why that could be bothersome.

    1. I don't read many fantasy heavy books nowadays, but I totally remember the hard times I had while trying to stick to a pronunciation of a strange name or two so I could focus on enjoying the story. Audio books have helped so much in that aspect though :)

  2. Oh no, I've always loved the name Nathaniel and all variations (Nathan, Nate)! But I can see why you dislike it. That guys sounds like a jerk.

    1. Oh he was such a jerk! The whole class got so up in arms about it that we eventually signed a petition informing the school principal for him to stop. The problem is that by then the damage was already done :/

  3. Oh gosh, I'm so bad at pronouncing certain names in books and it really takes me out of the story. I do think when you know someone who has a character's name and they are AWFUL, it can make you just hate the name on principle. hah


    1. I'm right there with you! I've had to resort to Google Translate for certain name pronunciations because I kept changing them up in my head. Projecting my dislike of a certain person with the same name as a book character is so annoying but I'm can't help it :)


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