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Monday, March 30, 2020

Book Review: Dragons in Fire By Krista Street

Dragons in Fire
(Supernatural Community #3)
By Krista Street

I’m kicking myself for being so trusting, but that trust led me to a whole new realm—a world I never knew existed.

Now that I know what I truly am, I must learn to control my powers so I can return to my life as a supernatural healer. Thankfully, I have an interesting, if unusual, instructor to help me along the way.

But focusing on my lessons proves challenging when a certain werewolf refuses to give me up.

Now, with Logan wanting to claim me while I’m struggling to learn how to exist in the supernatural community, my life grows increasingly chaotic.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

Little do I know, a threat looms over the entire community, and I’m destined to play a huge role in the war to come.
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My Review:

This series is SO good! It's not even over yet and I'm already hoping for a few spin-off novels/series for Logan's packmates! I love the world the author created and how, with each novel, it becomes more and more intricate. This is what I want to see more of in paranormal romance novels.

Daria got better in this novel. She slowly grew into her powers and has proven to be capable of so much good and destruction (in the best way). She's not as gullible but she's still eating herself up inside due to the brainwashing her mother did on her telling her to dedicate her life to healing other people. Daria can tell destiny to go where the sun doesn't shine for all I care about destiny.

Logan showed a lot of who he is in this novel both in good and bad ways. The big secret he was hiding was what I predicted it would be. I'm glad Daria finally heard him out. I may not be happy with the situation but I'm glad they were able to talk about it. The next book will be dealing with that situation head-on, so I'm excited about what's to come next.

The big fight was not what I was expecting to happen. It still proved itself to be amazing and heartbreaking all at the same time. I really enjoyed the part Daniel played in this story and I hope to see him in future novels and spin-offs of this series. The ending was bittersweet because even though it was the end to a problem it was also the start of another possibly just as big problem. I'm so hyped for the next book!

My Favorite Quotes:

"You've ensnared his heart. Women have great power over men when that happens."

"It just wouldn't be home if something didn't try to kill us the second we arrived. "

"[...] Even I knew that sometimes wishes didn't come true [...]."

My Rating:

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