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Monday, July 22, 2019

Book Review: When Fate Prevails By A. K. Koonce

When Fate Prevails
(The Mortals and Mystics #3)
By A.K. Koonce

A war is storming. But worse, vampires are waiting. Waiting for the mortals and the mystics to become too consumed with their own troubles to see what’s right in front of them.


The changes in Fallon’s life pushes her to her limits. Simply living is a struggle. Hunger gnaws at her. Ancient vampires threaten her. Even love is too distant to recognize…

But Asher refuses to let her self-destruct.

They’ll win. They’ll survive. Or they’ll die trying.
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My Review:

Something felt off about this book and I can't really put my finger on the reason. This felt rushed and, even though I enjoyed the different point of views presented, the heroine was kind of a downer to read about.

I understand what she was going through and what that represented for her relationship and the overall plotline, but I can't help feeling that I got cheated out of a better story if it weren't for that twist. I like sassy Fallon who treated everyone what respect and does what's right. What I actually got was a fraction of the girl we've gotten to know in the past two books not knowing what to do, being in unbearable pain and having spurts of confidence to pull this story to a close.

I really appreciate the Asher point of view chapters! It gave me a whole other look into who he is and how he was also hurting about what happened to Fallon. He's this hard shell of a man but he has a soft and fluffy inside. I loved how he tried to work with her and understand what she was going through.

The ending was a blur. I'm glad things resolved themselves and that Asher and Fallon can kinda/sorta/maybe live in peace for a few years at least. We also had the death of a character. Even though I didn't adore him, he didn't deserve that severe of an end. This was a nice conclusion to this trilogy!

My Favorite Quotes:

"Fear isn't something that lives inside me. It visits from time to time in my life, but it never stays long."

"I once thought a life of hiding was the easiest way to survive. It was. But surviving isn't living,"

"The nothingness is a solitude I seek out too often now."

My Rating:

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