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Monday, July 8, 2019

Book Review: When Fate Unravels By A.K. Koonce

When Fate Unravels
(Mortals and Mystics #2)
By A.K. Koonce

Fallon survived. But she’s more than just a survivor. Her newfound freedom and her new friends brings her independence and strength like she’s never felt.

Only one thing is important now after she’s lost so much. She’ll find the hybrid vampire at any cost. Even if it means, seeking out the last remaining vampire in the darkest parts of the Red Hills …
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My Review:

This book started off slow but boy did things get good when they finally got going! I didn't know what to expect at the end and the twist the author threw took my breath away! 

Fallon proved to be very capable with and without Asher by her side. Considering this book picks up a year after the end of the first she's still grieving the deaths in the first book and has been working on her fighting skills to find Asher. She's a good and loyal friend. She also proved that she has a backbone that's emerging. With the twist the author threw in at the end I'm really excited to see where she goes from here.

Asher was so damn sweet in this novel! I also loved how the author switched up a few social norms in their relationship! He's protective, caring and wants to do right by her regardless of anything or anyone else.

You're probably getting tired of me mentioning this mysterious twist, but OMG it was so good and it'd be such a huge spoiler if I were to mention it! With that being said, I'd also like to understand how and why it happened in the first place though and how the community and Asher are going to deal with it going forward.

My Favorite Quotes:

"Everyone has an angle, love, you just have to make sure not to get hurt on their sharp edges."

"Strength isn't an appearance, Princess. It's a presence, a feeling kept in your core, waiting to be freed."

"[...] Not everything beautiful is intentionally made and not everything intentionally made is beautiful."

My Rating:

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