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Friday, October 26, 2018

Book Tag: Halloween Creatures Book Tag


- Follow the Categories
- You Must Be Honest
- You Must Answer All Questions to the Best of Your Ability
- You Must Tag At Least 3 People
- This tag was originally created by Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward

* Book covers and book titles are linked to my review of the novel or its Goodreads page.

A book or character that is magical

The main character discovers magical abilities and
a prophecy she's unknowingly part of. 

A book or character you can’t wrap your mind around

Quote From My Review: "You know that feeling when you know something is wrong, but
you can't look away? Well, that's how I felt reading this book. I disliked both guys in the
love triangle and yet I still wanted to know the outcome of the story."

A book, series, or author you can’t live without

The most rescent series that fits in is

The author built such a vivd world and characters.
Everything is so well written and executed!

A book best read in the middle of the night

Even though I have a love/hate relationship with the ending this book had, the story
as a whole is a good thriller to read at night (for someone who doesn't usually read
thriller so take that with a grain of salt).

A book you picked up for the 2nd time/Continued after DNF’ing it:

I think I ended up picking this novel up over 3 times before I actually finished it.
Though now I consider it one of the best fantasy worlds I've ever read about!

A book you easily predicted a twist or ending

There are a few books that I've definitely predicted but none come to mind right now :/

A book that truly shocked you

This book shocked me because of how bad it was.

A book or character that chilled you to the bone

I haven't read horror books in the longest time :/

A book that left you hungry

Books don't make me hungry :/

A greedy character

He's greed personified. Really.
He's a demon and he represents greed ;)

A dark, evil character

Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter By Jessica Sims

Most of the wolf shifters were creepy and evil in this novel.

Grim Reaper:
A character you loved/hated that died

This is a spoiler for the Chicagoland Vampires Series By Chloe Neill:
Ethan Cadogan. I hated his death. It also caused me to lose all interest in the series.
But I am planning the read the spin-off that released in August 2018 (Wild Hunger).
We'll see how that goes :)

A book or character that scares you

Raven's mage maker from The Crossbreed Series By Dannika Dark

He's one manipulive son of a b*tch and appears in the fourth book in the series.

The Monster Mash:
Tag 3 or more people to do this tag

I won't be tagging anyone! If you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged!

What's your favorite Vampire book or author?
Let's discuss in the comments below!


  1. I love this tag- so awesome for Halloween! Sterling has a great cover.

    Desperately Seeking shapeshifter lol- nice title. :)

    1. Anything involving Halloween is amazing, right?
      Jessica Sims has such creative and funny titles to her books :)

  2. I do know that feeling where you don't like the stuff and yet you can't stop reading lol. I've heard great things about the Keystone series! How interesting that you gave up on that one book multiple times but then ended up really liking the fantasy world! That's part of why I have such a hard time DNFing, I worry I'll end up missing something that will actually turn out great lol.

    1. I don't know if I like that feeling or not LOL. I'm on a mission to make anyone and everyone at least try to read the Crossbreed series. Have I succeeded with you yet? :)
      It was a strange feeling for me to. I don't think that had ever happened until that book. I used to have a hard time DNFing books. Now it's gotten to the point that I like to rationalize it as the following: I already have so many books I want to get to so why would I drag myself through one that I dislike :)


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