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Friday, June 23, 2017

My Ramblings: Crack Ships & Why I Will Defend Them

Crack Ships & Why I Will Defend Them

* If you have not read any of the series mentioned below be warned of spoilers!
* Series linked to Goodreads.

I was introduced to the concept of a 'crack ship' by Shannon from It Starts At Midnight. Up until her post I had no idea this even existed (even though I often find myself on the wrong side of love triangles). For clarification here's the Urban Dictionary definition for a 'crack ship':

This may not come as a surprise to you (or maybe it will), but most books I read I usually side with the unconventional pairing. Sometimes I luck out and at the end the guy I was rooting for was the 'correct' guy all along (but it was a grueling journey of self doubt to get there).

These are the crackships I will defend/support to the death:

1. Bella Swan & Jacob - Twilight Series By Stephenie Meyer

After Edward left because he was 'protecting' her, he was dead to me. That is no way to deal with conflict. 

So full disclosure, this may technically not be a crack ship, but I can't bring myself to finish the series so I don't know for sure. So this gets included in this 'list'.

3. Mercy Thompson & Samuel - Mercy Thompson Series By Patricia Briggs

To this day, I don't really like Adam. I feel like I didn't know what I was going into, with this book because since the beginning Adam came off very abrasive. I ended up concluding that he was always going to be 'the enemy' of the story. So when he became a love interest I didn't know what to think.

4. Lucinda Price & Cam - Fallen Series By Lauren Kate

Daniel is all over the place. One moment he saves her, the next he doesn't acknowledge that she exists. I prefer Cam, who treated her well the whole novel and made an effort to know who she was instead of forcing the destiny spiel on her.

5. Dru Anderson & Graves - Strange Angels By Lili St. Crow

I adored this series until that ending. What hurts the most in this book is that there's no right or wrong answer because Dru never actually chooses someone.

I don't know why I prefer Hunter over the other guy considering the circumstances that surround them. I recognize that I may be on the side of a kidnapper/almost-but-not-quite-there-rapist (because of extenuating circumstances). I didn't like the other guy. He was whiny and annoying while spouting I-love-yous after realizing (a day earlier) that he wanted her. Heck, I'm just now realizing that deep down both love interests sucked.

Do you agree with me?
Have you read any of the series I mentioned above?
Let me know in the comments below!

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