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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Movie Review: A Trip To Unicorn Island

A Trip To Unicorn Island (2016)

Lilly Singh, YouTube's iisuperwomanii brings her happy place to life in an ambitious 27 city world tour where she hand delivers an inspirational message to her 7+ million fans while learning what it takes to become a world class live entertainer and boss.

You can watch this movie with a subscription to Youtube Red (US). If you're outside of the US you can buy the movie in a select number of countries. 
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My Review:

I started watching Lilly's videos about a year and a half ago. Since then she's still surprising me with her original videos and pointing out things that I relate to, but would never have thought of saying in a video. I specially love 'I'm The Worst Girlfriend Ever', '#GirlLove Challenge', the 'Clean Up Anthem' and all her other song videos.

I adored this movie and found myself tearing up during the whole thing. It's amazing to see someone you admire go on this wonderful world tour to spread positivity in the cold money-driven world we're currently in.  It showed a lot of truths and emotional roller coasters that, we as humans, go through. We question ourselves, we question our worth, and most importantly, we question our unhappiness. 

The idea that everyone has a happy place (referred to as a Unicorn Island) is very true. Each individual has a place where they can mentally go to to get away from the hardships life may throw at them. I love how Lilly Singh thinks and I would jump at the chance to one day meet her. As the credits of the movie was rolling I saw that she visited Boston, MA. The first thing that went through my mind? Why is it that when I lived remotely close to Boston that NO ONE I liked performed there?

My Rating:

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