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Friday, March 31, 2017

My Ramblings: Hyped Up Books Vs. Me

Hyped Up Books Vs. Me

Here's yet another probably unpopular opinion from me:
I don't necessarily adore books at are hyped up.

I've noticed a trend with my reading for the past two years. Most books I've been picking up are (what I believe to be) indie books or books that have on average less than 200 reviews. There are a quite a few 'mainstream' books on that list too, but they aren't prevalent. 

The few blogs that I follow showcase these hyped up books that doesn't peak my interest in the least. It isn't for lack of trying either. I've lost many hours on Goodreads reading synopsis of those books and most don't do anything for me. The covers to these types of books are out of this world. I've seen reviews where someone expected too much from a book because of the eclectic and designed nature of the cover and was let down. 

I've learned long ago not to let myself get taken with all the hype. Before I was blogging, I used to force myself to read books just because they were considered 'trendy'. I lost many nights wondering what other people were seeing in those novels. I've figured out by now that it's OK to not like what everyone else seems to love. I read the books that I want to, independent of them being indie or trendy at the moment of release.

Do you love hyped up books?
How have your reading habits over the years evolved? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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