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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Book Review: One For Sorrow (The Veil #5.5) By Pippa Dacosta

One For Sorrow
(The Veil #5.5)
By Pippa Dacosta

‘Routine call,’ Ryder had said. But when Muse arrives at the abandoned house, there’s nothing routine about the demon waiting inside. His trap is set, and he knows the Mother of Destruction has one weakness: Akil.

(A collection of bonus scenes from the Veil Series, including the all-new short story, One For Sorrow) Should be read after Ties That Bind #5 The Veil Series to avoid major series spoilers.

Includes stories:
  • One For Sorrow
  • Alone Time
  • In conversation with Akil
  • She Burns
Available At:
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My Review:

This was awesome! I am a very big fan of 'The Veil Series' By Pippa Dacosta and this story gave me just enough immersion in the story's world to get me hyped for the spin-off series that will be 'The Chaos'. 

In the short story 'One For Sorrow', Muse is just as kick ass as ever! I love her personality and her being a good-as-far-as-a-half-demon-half-human-can-be is an added bonus to me. Akil makes an almost appearance (read the story and you'll know what I'm talking about), which did get me excited. I have a love/hate relationship with him as a character. Ryder was interesting. I still love his one liners.

In 'Alone Time', we get to see a different side to Muse and Ryder's friendship which was sweet. I knew their friendship developed into something "deep" over time, but that story just put the bow on it.

In ' She Burns", we get inside Stefen's head and I was totally on board with this. It was incredible!! I am Team Stefan and I was always curious as to what was going on in that head of his when he came back (read the series BEFORE reading this story!). I am one happy camper!

In the last story 'In Conversation With Akil' things take a turn. I was thoroughly creeped out by every aspect of it. Though I have to admit it was a crazy and an original (to me at least) take on an author and his/her characters.  

Over all, this was an awesome collection of stories. It will make a fabulous addition to an already incredible series. 

My Favorite Quotes:

"'Well this isn't creepy at all.' All it needed now was a clap of thunder and a few streaks of lightning, and I'd be starring in my own bad horror movie."

"Maybe I did have family. Surly, straight-shootin', pulls-no-punches kinda family. The best kind."

"One wing, Ryder. One. Wing. I'm starting to take it personally."

My Rating:

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