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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book Review: Binds (Binds #1) By Rebecca Espinoza

(Binds #1)
By Rebecca Espinoza

Published: April 6th 2013
Published By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Ophelia Brand’s life is in shambles. Married to an abusive man and forced to act like the perfect politician’s wife in public, her freedom has been completely stripped away. Alone and without purpose, Ophelia feels as if there isn’t much in this world to live for. Everything changes when an employee kidnaps her from a state dinner. Ophelia is thrust into a new world filled with people who claim to be an ancient race of Mages. They also claim that she is one of them.

While the country falls into the hands of a tyrannical dictator, Ophelia finds herself torn between the friendly Reece who wants nothing more than to protect her, and Spencer, the leader of the resistance who sees her as a tool to fight the war. Tensions run high as Reece and Spencer both try to help her master her powers and unravel the spells that restricted her from using them. As revelations of her past come to light, and the war is brought to her feet, Ophelia must quickly make a choice of who to trust.

Binds is the first in a series of adult urban fantasy novels with sexy Mages, a sugar skull army, and an unfortunate set of Hello Kitty pjs.
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My Review:

I love an abused heroine turned strong and fearless, so when I read the synopsis of this book I was sure this was going to make it to my top 10 of best books read this year. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. Don't get me wrong, this was a nice overall book, but something kept me from truly connecting with the characters and the plot.

Ophelia was a nice character. She was hot and cold sometimes and everything came way to easily to her, but I could deal because she's the hero and all that jazz. Other then that she wasn't that riveting to start with. Bad things just loved to happen to her because of a serious spoiler that I will not be giving. When you finally find out the why, EVERYTHING suddenly clicks into place. Too bad I wasn't as invested in the story when the other shoe finally dropped.

On to the love interests: Truth be told, I was fond of either one. Which, considering what happened, is good because both proved to be true jack***s by the end. As surprising as that was I was shouting girl power all the way!

Favorite Quotes:

"He seems to care about my wellbeing and me as a  person, not just as some tool that may be used in the future, but as someone that wants me in his life."

"[Love unrequited] That kind of love doesn't make fools of us, it morphs us into completely different people than the ones we were before. It pulls away our morals; it strips away our ability to reason, all the while dressing us up to think that the outcome will be worth the price."

"You want a hero, right? Someone who will come around and give you everything you've dreamt of, take you and show you the way so you don't have to find it on your own feet [...]? You're looking for those things in the wrong person."

My Rating:

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