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Monday, August 1, 2022

Book Review: Play the Demon By Stacia Stark

Play the Demon
(Deals with Demons #6)
By Stacia Stark 

What do you do when the demon you’re reluctantly obsessed with knows your deepest darkest secret?

Every. Excruciating. Detail.

If you’re smart, you push him away and bury yourself in work.

Except that Vas isn’t the kind of guy who’ll allow me to hide from my feelings for long. Even if he did return from the underworld… different.

Meanwhile, I’ve been ignoring all my instincts to hide my tech magic. Instead, I’m using it to help Evie and Kyla solve a high-profile kidnapping case. Not only is it the right thing to do, but the reward money will also allow me to make a fresh start.

But now, my bar is being targeted by my enemies. And Vas insists on shoving his body between mine and any kind of danger. Even though he has his own vengeance to plan. But by choosing to shield me, Vas may have switched from the hunter... to the hunted.

Now it's my turn to protect him.
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My Review:

* Anything in red is a spoiler.

I'll start out by saying that this will be a very fangirl-y book review. I am not impartial at this point. Stacia Stark has become an auto-buy author for me. As far as I'm concerned everything she writes turns into gold.

I adore the world she's created with this series. I love everything about it. I love how everything revolves around one another and how the creatures are cunning, complex three-dimensional beings painted in shades of grey.

It was fantastic to see Vas get a happy ending. From what we know he's been through he really deserves it by now. Meredith was also fantastic. She's powerful in her own right but in different aspects. They make a fantastic team!

The ending was the part I least enjoyed about this whole novel. Yes because it ended but also because there was a surprise pregnancy. I'm not a fan of those. I'm actually not a fan of kids in books either. There have been exceptions in the past, but this one (as fantastic as the book was) was still not one of them. However, this will in no way deter me from reading future books this author writes. I can't wait to see where she takes the universe she created in the future!

My Rating:

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