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Monday, November 25, 2019

Audio Book Review: Half Wolf By Aimee Easterling

Half Wolf
(Alpha Underground #1)
By Aimee Easterling

Narrated: Angel Clark
Length: 7 hours and 17 minutes

Every werewolf knows the meek don't inherit the earth.

Fen Young is a half-shifter whose inner beast is more mouse than wolf. Home is her castle, the only place she's ever felt safe.

Enter Hunter Green, an uber-alpha strong enough to stop traffic with a single look. He's handsome and enticing and seems like just the ticket to broaden Fen's horizons...until the uber-alpha brushes off his admirer and summarily rejects her from her home pack.

Now treading water in the no-man's land of outpack territory, Fen must confront a missing pack mate, a tantalizing stranger, and a serial killer targeting half-werewolves. Will she be able to shore up her waning power in time to save her friend...and half-breeds everywhere...before it's too late?
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My Review:

* I received a free copy of the audio book for this novel from Free Audiobook Promo Codes. All opinions in the following review are my own.

What was I thinking when I decided I wanted to read this book? I'll tell you what, I wasn't thinking. Had I bothered to skim its Goodreads page we wouldn't be here now. This book wasn't for me, that's for sure!

Fen was whiny and annoying. She let herself be convinced way too easily by her so-called pack. She also "accepted" people into her inner circle way too easily for someone on the run. If I were her I would never have wanted to see Hunter's face again. Also, in what world is she considered an "alpha"? She bearly has control of her pack as it is.

Hunter was stoic and uninteresting. I didn't understand his appeal. Though don't worry, we all know he's an uber-alpha because it was repeated 800+ times during the 7+ hours of this audio book.  I also don't understand why Hunter did what he did to Fen in the first place. What did he gain from setting her on her own? She was defenseless, to a degree, but she still welcomed him in. 

Her "pack" was one big blur. None of them were memorable enough for me to remember their names. They were all kids (for the most part) and helped Fen make decisions that would involve the whole pack. The only one that separated herself from the others a little bit, at first, for being extremely annoying and later turned into a whole other situation was the "trouble twin" (it's how she was referred to by Fen multiple times throughout the novel). 

What happened at the end of this novel would have come so much more easily and sooner had everyone stopped and had an actual conversation with one another. The pack loved to throw accusations but they ended up picking the wrong bad guy. It's a wonder how my eyes are still attached to my head considering how much I rolled them during the 7+ hours of this audio book.

The Audio Book:

The narration was magical compared to what this story put me through. Though be advised that this narrator doesn't have a nice range of male and females voices. Most of the characters sounded alike (especially when 3+ characters were having a conversation) and it did get confusing.

My Rating:


  1. Sorry this one didn't work for you! It can be frustrating when the characters need to have a conversation and just don't.

    1. It happens, unfortunately! Lack of communication to drive the plot forward does not a good book make in my opinion :/


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