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Friday, May 31, 2019

My Ramblings: S.A.D. But In Reverse

S.A.D. But In Reverse

I've noticed in the last few years that I'm much more productive and that I feel SO much better (mentally and physically) on cold and gloomy days. I've always ignored it and would sometimes throw a joke out there about how I'm a vampire because I already wear all black clothes and thrive at night, blah blah blah. These past few days I decided to confront that feeling and do some research.

Lo and behold what I found:

While many of us are familiar with SAD, there are, in fact, people who get SAD in reverse. For a small group of people, the dark days of winter don’t elicit depression, but renewed vigor and improved mood.

So maybe a fraction of my overwhelming anxiety can be correlated to living in Brazil where the sun, on an average day, makes me want to stay still and not move a muscle so maybe I won't feel the sweat dripping down my skin after I just got out of the shower.

Before today I had no idea reverse S.A.D. was even a thing but now that I do it gives me better insight into what I'm feeling and not pile it all on my anxiety. I'll also be nicer to myself when I know I should be reading a book but just can't bring myself to pick it up because everything feels so overwhelmingly hot and sticky. If only I could blast my A.C. unit all day and night and not have to fork over my kidney at the end of the month to pay the astronomical electric bill.

Do you have S.A.D.?
I'd love to get more insight on it in the comments below!

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