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Friday, April 5, 2019

My Ramblings: Bookish Societal Norms

 Bookish Societal Norms

Five bookish things we should definitely be
normalizing more in our society today! 

1. Instead of seeing someone you like at a bar and paying for their drink, how about when you see someone you like browsing the books section of a store you offer to buy them the book and start something from there?

2. When you see someone reading away from everyone in their quite happy place and you want to talk to them, simply don't. This rule will have exceptions but I can't think of them right now because at no point have I ever been in public reading a book and wanted someone to interrupt me :)

3. Understand that anyone can read anything they want to read (with exceptions for kids ages 12 and under). Whether your an adult reading YA books or an 18-year-old reading Fifty Shades. You do you!

4. Maybe it's just the aspiring cosplayer and Halloween costume addict in me, but I would love to have cloaks make a come back and be widely accepted. Living in a tropical climate would put a wrench in things but my heart wants what it wants, OK?

5. Have a day of the week where it's obligated by the governing body that you stop whatever it is you're doing to have a few hours of reading time just for the sake of mental health and not being overly stressed about life.

What bookish societal norm would you want to implement?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. #1's a great idea. Who needs bars when there's bookstores lol? And #2 right?? Just don't do it people. :)

    #5 of course is awesome. And cloaks! I love a good cloak. We need all the cloaks.

    1. Exactly! Bookstores & Books > Bars
      I'm in a corner for a reason and it's not because it was the only spot available :)
      Someone else agrees with me on cloaks! Finally! Cloaks are awesome!


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