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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Five Most Interesting Paranormal Couples

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This Week's Topic:
Top Five Most Interesting Paranormal Couples

1. Ash & Pipper from the Steel & Stone Series By Annette Marie
Their story is full of twists and turns, one worse than the other. They also aren't the same "type/species" of daemon which makes their story so fascinating.
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2. Raven & Christian from the Crossbreed Series By Dannika Dark
As of the third book in this series, they aren't "officially" a couple but it does lean toward it. I like their dynamic of resisting a relationship because both parties have been through so much in their immortal/long lives.
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3. Emi & Shiro from the Red Winter Trilogy By Annette Marie
This was the sweetest love story I've willingly read in a long time. Shiro started out with amnesia. His evolution throughout the series is amazing to see.
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4. Muse & Stefen from the Veil Series By Pippa DaCosta
Both parties have been through h*ll and back (sometimes together and other times apart). They've saved each other from immense perils various times. Their adventures are amazing and sometimes heartbreaking.
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5. Cat & Bones from the Night Huntress Series By Jeaniene Frost
I like their dynamic. From the beginning, you get a sense that Bones will do the impossible for Cat and throughout the series, he makes good on his word. Their adventure is so good that I'm currently rereading the entire series :)
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What's your favorite paranormal couple?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I don't read a lot of paranormal romance, but I really liked the enthusiasm you had in your post. You truly seem to love all of these characters. That's a wonderful thing.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. PNR will always be my escape, I guess it shows in my writing :)

  2. YAY FOR CAT AND BONES!!!! Definitely my favorite adult couple. <3 Their banter is just so witty and burning with passion. ;) I'll have to check out the others!

    - Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    1. The others aren't as witty as Cat and Bones, but are definitely somewhere in the paranormal romance and/or urban fantasy genre to varying degrees!
      I'd love to get your opinion on the others! :)


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