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Friday, March 10, 2017

My Ramblings: Amount Of Books Read In A Year

Amount Of Books Read In A Year

My ultimate goal is to read 100 books a year, but I never get there. The only year I reached that goal was in 2009. In that year there were days where I would barely eat just so I could get a 350 page book read in one day. I have no clue where that part of me went because ever since that year I can't hit that mark. At most, I can comfortably read around 50 books. 

The only challenge I partake in is the Goodreads Challenge. I strategically set my goal for around the number of books I know I can read in a year. That way if I read more than the pre established goal I'm happy with the 'progress' I've made. 

I'm friends with a few people on Goodreads and sometimes Goodreads puts their challenges on my newsfeed. I see that the reading goal is set to 300 books a year and even though we're only 3 months into the year they already have 60 books read. What kind of sorcery is that!? I'm struggling to have 10 books read and they're already at 60! I need they're secret!

I've tried doing those challenges where you read a book starting with a letter of the alphabet or an X amount of books in a genre you don't usually pickup. Those turned out horribly because it made reading a dreaded activity. When I started forcing myself into books I didn't want to read, it started becoming a nightmare. 

Eventually I came to the following realization: If I'm not happy reading it, then it doesn't deserve my attention. Reading is supposed to be fun (after high school and college). This is a hobby, not a chore. If it one day becomes a chore, that's the day I'll be ready to say goodbye to it all.

Do you read 100+ books a year?
Tell me your secret
...in the comments below!

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