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Friday, March 27, 2015

My Ramblings: Bad Boys & My Love/Hate Relationship With Them

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Bad Boys & My Love/Hate Relationship With Them

The topic is Bad Boys. What immediately comes to mind? That creep down your street or a possible love interest? Would you want one in real life or would you rather keep them in books? If your like me, then my question for you becomes: Love them or Hate them?

The last few books I've read I've been finding myself rooting for the bad boy. Well....that could be misinterpreted. Let me explain a little more. By bad boy I don't necessarily mean the rude and obnoxious retard that does everything wrong and still gets the girl to fall for him for at least a couple of chapters. When I say bad boy I mean the misunderstood and not really evil/mean guy. He's just left out and wants to feel loved (though that's not always the case). They are raw and hardened by life, yet they still make a place in their heart for you (or whatever other girl you want to insert here).

From my definition, I find these types of guys more likable and realistic. I wouldn't say I'd like to meet and date one, but I do see where they're coming from when I read dual point of view novels. Though the author almost never sees eye-to-eye with me, I do still believe that they'll get their story/novella (depends on the series). Even if they don't I make up one of my own, that way I can sleep better at night knowing I gave, at least, one person/character a happy ending.

Let me know in the comments below which books made
you see eye-to-eye with a bad boy!

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