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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top 25 Books of 2013: #22 Single Wolf Female (Midnight Liaisons #2.6) by Jessica Sims

Book #22

Single Wolf Female 

(Midnight Liaisons #2.6) 

By Jessica Sims

Alice Savage needs an alpha – any alpha – to prevent her pack from being usurped by the lecherous Roscoe. As a last resort, she signs up for the Midnight Liaisons dating service, never expecting that she’d find the alpha she seeks. She certainly didn’t expect Jackson Wilder, a laid back, sexy-as-sin outsider who claims to be an alpha.

But Alice has a problem that most female wolf alphas don’t — she’s a virgin. And the female alpha of a wolf pack always belongs to a male alpha. Luckily for her, Jackson’s utterly gorgeous and willing to take things slow. But is he alpha enough to help her save her pack…or is he too easy-going to be the man she needs?

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My Thoughts:

OK, OK. I know this isn't a full length novel. It's a novella for the series Midnight Liaisons. If you haven't read it I also recommend it, but this book in particular calls to me. Maybe it's because the alpha doesn't want to acert dominence and live at "iquels" and maybe he's really sweet about the situation. What ever the reason, I love this novella period. 

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