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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Four Series Book Covers I Wish Would Be Redesigned

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I'll be going off topic for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday because I don't want children and the cousins/nephews/etc. that I have don't speak english. So considering that it'd be a pointless list in my opinion.

This Week's Topic:
Top Four Series Book Covers
I Wish Would Be Redesigned

* Book titles are linked to my review. 

1. Branded Trilogy By Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

A Few Covers Of The Past:

Latest Covers:

This series has gone through quite a few redesigns, which leads me to believe that there are people that aren't happy with the covers either. None of the covers I've seen really speak to what the books are about. With the exception of the first one, they are all too aesthetically pleasing and doesn't bring up or allude to the fact that this series takes rather dark turns with its storyline.

A Few Covers Of The Past:

Latest Covers:

As much as I loved the newest covers, they don't really go with the story. The dresses are beautiful and eye-catching on a shelf, but what character has time to wear something like that while on the run? I like covers that either represents the characters in the story or alludes to the overall tone of the story (light, colorful and easy going or dark, gritty and heart-wrenching, etc.). Also, what's up with that first cover? Before I started google searching this series I had no idea that first cover even existed.

The covers are beautiful and have nothing to do with the story. Considering the story is about a bad*ss group of genetically superior beings, why not have the covers featuring a powerful and dangerous looking model that represents a character in the books and have a different one for each book? I'd point out the Isolation Series Covers By Taylor Brooke as an example because they did that and they are gorgeous and have everything to do with the story.

This series features a paraplegic hero and you'd never know that by looking at the covers. I'd love to see a model in a wheelchair on the cover in a creative way or have something alluding to the disability on the covers straight away. The author seems to like to switch between cover pictures in the series. The last time I checked the images for the first and second books were switched with each other. It's a great series, but the covers, in my opinion, need some work.
I bet you have a few book covers that aren't up to
par with the stories you've read.
Let's discuss what you think went wrong in the comments below!

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