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Friday, July 28, 2017

My Ramblings: 10 Types Of Reviewers on Goodreads

* This post was inspired by: The Reviewers of Amazon: A Taxonomy written by Amy Poeppel.

10 Types Of Reviewers on Goodreads

1. The Early Rate-r

This person rates books that have yet to release, even though he/she has never read the book. It's usually in extremes: either 1 star or 5 stars. This person judges the book by it's cover (if it even has one at the time of the rating) or he/she judges the likeness of the author. The rating usually doesn't represent the book in any way, shape or form.

2. The Aggressive Reviewer

This person usually appears when he/she has read the book and has found it in him/herself to get putoff by something in it. This person then goes on Goodreads to rant about how the book is "trash" and how the author is insert bad words and insults here.

3. The One Word/Line Reviewer

This person can be found in positive and negative reviews. It's usually something along the lines of "Great!" or "Horrible!". Some get a little more wordy and can be found saying "Best book I've read all my life!" or "Don't buy this book, it's horrendous!". There seems to be no middle ground in the great majority of these types of reviewers, but I'm not saying it's impossible to find one.

4. The I-Hate-The-Author One Star Reviewer

This person has either gotten offended by something the author said or did on social media or to them personally. They make it their life goal to one star EVERY SINGLE book that specific author has written for the sake of getting their message out there.

5. The Professional Ranter

This person has fallen down the rabbit hole with the book they reviewed. They will nitpick it apart in a negative way. Their reviews tend to point out what could have been better (in their opinion). Overall the reviews tend to be very entertaining, if not rambly.

6. The GIF Expert

This person lives off of GIF's. He/she knows the perfect GIF's that will describe any and every important part of the book or their feelings on those parts of the book. The reviews are usually extremes (either very good or very bad). They are very entertaining and most try to make light of their overall opinion of the book. They aren't rude or aggressive (most times), but they make clear what they liked and/or disliked in the book.

7. The Life Story Reviewer

Once in a blue moon, you'll come across a review explaining why they didn't agree with how the author treated a plotpoint with a certain character in the book. They'll justify this with a story about something similar that happened to them and conclude with why the author was wrong. These types of reviews are longer than average and can go to extremes very quickly.

8. The No-Stars Reviewer

This person will usually leave a well thought out review of an average length for the novel that they have read. At first glance you won't know if they liked the book or not because they don't use the star system that sites like Goodreads and Amazon use. For you to see if this person liked the book or not you'll have to read his/her full review and judge for yourself.

* Personally this has become a pet peeve of mine, because I'm not always in the mood to read a full review before I know what kind of review I'm going into. I like reading extremes (very positive and rambly or very negative and straight forward reviews) just so I know what I'll be walking into if I do decide to pick up the book. 

9. The Promotional Reviewer

This person usually posts/works for a blog/book company and makes it their mission on sites like Goodreads to post about giveaways, cover reveals, author/book updates instead of reviewing the book. These posts are usually at the top of everything because many people like the informative manner of the posts. Authors usually do this for their own books on Goodreads as well.

10. The Fangirl/boy Reviewer

This person has fallen in love with the book years before it'll ever be published (also happens after the book has been published). They make it their duty to make fanart and cute character quote images to promote the book. These posts are usually very positive, filled with GIF's and ramblings of how excited they are for this book. 

Have you seen any other types of reviewers on Goodreads?
I'd love to know! Tell me in the comments below!

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