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Friday, May 12, 2017

My Ramblings: TBR Pile Vs. My Self Control

TBR Pile Vs. My Self Control

When I was younger I had a very hard time controlling the amount of books I'd want to read in any given month/year. It got to a point where my To-Be-Read pile was almost at 250 books. I quickly came to the conclusion that reading 100+ books in a year wasn't realistic for me, much less 250. 

The dates in which the books would release wouldn't help things either. In some months I had 20+ books releasing, while in others I had 2. I couldn't manage my time and read those books according to release dates because there was always one I wanted more that would release a few days later. Most times it would result in me putting myself into a slump and not picking up a book for a few weeks because of how overwhelming it all felt.

I've managed to control my To-Be-Read pile in the last year or so. Today I try to make it so my list of books to read never passes 100 books. It's a goal I strive to maintain and it's been easier on my conscience as well. That helps because I can recognize that it's a realistic amount of books that I can possibly try and finish in a year (if all the books were to release in that year, but most won't). That's the only rationalization I found that finally worked for me. It was touch a go in the first few months, but it works wonders now. 

Do you control your To-Be-Read pile?
Or does it control you?
Let me know in the comments below!

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