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Friday, May 20, 2016

My Ramblings: The End of Castle (TV Show)

Hiya My Little Predators!!

A Rant: The End Of Castle (The TV Show)
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I really enjoyed this series and it's yet another one that has come to it's end. A lot of series that I've been watching for a while now has gotten cancelled this year and I can't help but get in a bad mood. 

What doesn't help are the rumors going around on why this series in particular got cancelled. I hope they aren't true, but reading that and re-watching the last 10 or so episodes of the latest season of Castle, you can tell that in the Castle and Beckett scenes there is absolutely no chemistry between them like there was in the earlier seasons.

I enjoy Castle's look on situations and all his conspiracy theories, which end up debunked by the end of the episode. He's entertaining and witty, but with a positive outlook on everything that happens. Considering my favorite all time Tv Series is House M.D. you may start to think I'm crazy. How can I adore House (whose as sarcastic and cynical as they come) and still enjoy Castle (whose as positive and witty as he is). I can't really explain it, but they both have humor going for them and independent of glass-half-full or glass-half-empty, I enjoy their unique views on situations that happen in their lives. 

With all that being said, I didn't want to be saying goodbye to a tv show I've been watching for the last five or so years. I can't help but ask what was going on in the studio that made Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic dislike each other so much as to not be able to work on the same show together. I guess we'll never know. Then again, maybe it's just that: An UNTRUE Rumor and they just had to go their separate ways. 

Do you agree with me?
Have you watched Castle (TV Show) before?
Let me know in the comments below!

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