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Monday, August 8, 2022

Book Review: Dormant Soul By Alana Ash

Dormant Soul
(Shifter Zion #1)
By Alana Ash 

Nothing is stronger than fate, and I’m fated to be alone.

I’m a Dormant Soul-my wolf and my soul went dark, leaving me with an uncontrollable, dangerous ability and the knowledge that if a shifter mate marks me, the strain on my withdrawn soul will kill me.

But what happens if my heart is telling me—no, screaming—that fate is wrong?

There is only one person I trust. He blindfolds me, he protects me, he cares for me… I have no idea who he is, but I'm about to find out.

The walls around Shifter Zion are opening up for the first time since the war. I'm going to risk everything to get my wolf, my soul, and my mystery man.

Except nothing goes as planned when you are trying to fight fate.

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My Review:

* Anything in red is a spoiler.

This book helped me kick my week-long book slump. For that alone, it deserves all the stars! I had been on a DNF storm before finally picking up this one. I still don't understand the VERY particular mood I'm in but this book checked all the boxes and I loved it!

The world has gone to h*ll in a handbasket. Society as we know it has collapsed *due to a very specific reason*. The wolves now have a small city-type situation and the lower rank you are in the pack the worse you're treated. Food and necessities are rationed and dependent on a group that goes out and risks their lives to scavenger supplies. 

Abby is the lowest of the low. It wasn't always like that but she doesn't have a way out. It's either suffer and almost go hungry in their compound/city or leave and get killed by whatever is outside the walls. Her situation is just plain sad. I loved that she had her protector but he didn't do much good considering the circumstances (I'll go into this more in a few!). By the end of it all, I just wanted things to start going her way for a change. WHICH IS WHY THE ALMOST YEAR-LONG WAIT FOR THe NEXT BOOK IS SO CRUEL!

Onto Erebus! I kinda sorta maybe love him?! If Abby doesn't want him I'll surely take him off her hands, no questions asked. He's sweet, protective, AND will murder anyone that hurts her. The issue with Erebus however is they have to keep it a secret. So secret that even she doesn't know his real identity. If they were to be together in public he would suffer the same consequences as her (AKA kicked out of the city or killed).  Anyway! What's not to love about him? I'm pretty sure that Erebus is Aspen and that makes him all the better if you ask me! Since Aspen takes a particular interest in Abby by the second half of the novel and it becomes obvious to everyone else that he feels something for her.

The twist at the end was unexpected but it was so worth it. I don't think I've read a book featuring that specific creature as a big bad before. Since I'm SO impatient I consider that ending to be SO CRUEL. I need to know what happens next right this second! Had I been able to tell my own future I would have read this book closer to the release date of the next book. 

My Rating:

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