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Monday, May 10, 2021

Book Review: Cowboy Dragon By Terry Bolryder

Cowboy Dragon
(Texas Dragons #1)
By Terry Bolryder

Save a horse, ride a dragon...

Marian West has nothing left to her name but her car (which is currently broken down), an old coin in her pocket, and the legend of a man named Harrison, who she's currently looking for. But instead of finding the last person that can help her, she gets a pack of hungry coyotes instead. By either good or bad luck, she's rescued by a tall, gorgeous stranger with eyes bluer than a Texas sky. His dominant presence is matched only by the mystery that surrounds him and his sprawling, rugged land.

Harrison didn't expect to find the curvy, stubborn woman so interesting. After saving her from coyotes and more, the experienced cowboy boss of Dragonclaw Ranch knows he owes Marian for a favor her father did for him a long time ago. But his dragon says "mate" every time he looks at her, and even though he's going to help the determined woman, it will be difficult to keep the monster inside him from wanting to make her his own.

Marian thinks Harrison is avoiding her. And she would be right. But the growly, hot cowboy with a shockingly kind heart is making all her senses come alive. Unexpected kisses lead quickly to scorching nights beneath the full Texas moon. Danger and secrets lurk around every corner, but anything that threatens a Texas dragon's mate will quickly learn that everything is bigger in Texas. Even a dragon's love.
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My Review:

This was a quick and fun story! Though, personally, I would have liked there to have been a more prominent plot somewhere in between all the witty banter, friendships, and romance. For what this was it a fun story that passed the time well.

Marian was a headstrong woman who stood up for herself and anyone around her that needed help. I liked her right off the bat. I would have preferred there to have been more of a buildup between her and Harrison. What I will say is that their chemistry was off the charts!

Harrison was a closed-off mountain of a man... ahem dragon. After he protects her from unwanted advances they hit it off. After that, he does open up but he's still doing his best to not get emotionally invested. This is a romance novel so you can assume that it backfires but eventually rights itself.

The second half of the novel was fine but I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the other shoe drop in the form of another plot point that was vaguely mentioned only to be left stranded. Had that come to fruition this would have been a 4-star review. Here's hoping the author continues to weave that storyline into the next books in this series because I'm very interested in other character's stories!

My Favorite Quotes:

"[...] Time and death had taught him that nothing lasted forever [...]."

"Fate works in mysterious ways."

"Humans were fickle, untrustworthy creatures that were more harm than help."

My Rating:

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