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Monday, November 16, 2020

Audio Book Review: Species Traitor By Kate L. Mary

Species Traitor
(Species Traitor #1)
By Kate L. Mary

Narrator: Heather Firth
Length: 12 hours and 24 minutes

A Science Fiction Dystopian Novel.

My name is Ava Mendoza, and I am a species traitor. 

They came hoping to find a new home after their own planet was destroyed, but Earth was dying as well, and most humans saw their arrival as an invasion. Now, two decades later, the Veilorians have been banished to the District, a fenced-in area on the outskirts of the last known livable land on Earth. Most people do their best to pretend they don’t exist, but not everyone. There are humans, like my cousin, who see them for what they are. Despite the threat of disownment, she married a Veilorian, and now she, too, lives in the District. 

Even before I met Finn, I was determined to stand up for what was right, but from the moment I laid eyes on him, we had a connection I’ve never experienced before. But with the election of a new and radical mayor on the horizon, tensions are high, and people are calling for change. They want to make my cousin’s marriage illegal and punish any human who goes into the District, but I refuse to back down from this fight. No matter the cost.
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My Review:

* I received a free copy of the audio book of this novel from Audiobooks Unleashed. All opinions in this review are my own.

* Everything in red is a spoiler.

This book is too reminiscent of the real world and I would like more fiction than reality in my books, thanks! On a more serious note, the world-building was so, so, so good. The best part was that the info-dumps were minimal. Everything was introduced as it became relevant.

I think there have been a handful of characters that I despise like I did Dean. He was a bigoted, petty, thirsty lil' b*tch who deserves h*ll to be rained on him for his misdeeds. I was just annoyed that it took Ava 7 hours into the audio book for her to realize that something was off with him considering what he was telling her was contrasting with his actions.

Ava was frustratingly naive and dense at crucial times and it did detract quite a bit from the story. Though I liked how she fought for what she perceived as right and how strong her moral compass was. I also applaud her for jumping into a fight knowing she'll lose to protect someone she believes should have a right to live free. The most frustrating thing about her though was her turning a blind eye on Dean's actions for SO long. I swear there were moments where I thought my eyes would permanently roll to the back of my head and get stuck there.

Finn was very standoffish and stubborn in his dislike of humans from the beginning. I didn't adore him right off the bat but he did grow on me, almost like a fungus some would say. What I can tell you is that he did not, in any way, deserve to be part of a love triangle featuring Dean. There's just no competition there. I found the love triangle pointless in this story because there was already so much going on in the background that we didn't need drama being added to the story.

The ending was so disappointing. I was aware that it would end in a cliffhanger, but that cliffhanger was so annoying. Even if I didn't know I would have seen it coming from a mile away. I haven't gotten this fired up over a novel in a long time! I usually read to relax and let me tell you that the last thing on my mind was relaxing while I was listening to this novel at 11pm. I don't even know if I want to read the second book in this series at this point in time.

*Spoiler Rant*

How in the world does Ava still consider her family actual "family"?! I'm sorry but just because you share blood does not mean you are beholden to those people forever and ever. If they're toxic and want the best for themselves while stepping on you to get there you are free to leave them to fall on their faces and hope they break something in the fall. Her sister is another whiny lil' b*tch. Ava worked for a decade trying to help their family after her drunk mother took her out of school. Show some appreciation and leave her the h*ll alone. 

Also who in the h*ll knows that their world, as they know it, could fall apart tomorrow and still decides that sleeping with their loved one while there is a 90% chance of pregnancy is a good idea? That was what made this book go from a 4 star read to a 3.5 star read. It's like the author started throwing plot points into the story at the end to see what would stick and made that idiotic mess of a cliffhanger. I'm more angry at Ava and her idiotic decision that made the cliffhanger possible than at the cliffhanger itself.

The Audio Book:

The narration was great! All the characters were distinguishable from each other and there were no weird noises in the background.

My Rating:

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