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Monday, March 18, 2019

Audio Book Review: Two Witches and a Whiskey By Annette Marie

Two Witches and a Whiskey
(The Guild Codex: Spellbound #3)
By Annette Marie

Length: 8 hours and 9 minutes
Narrator: Cris Dukehart
Three months ago, I landed a job as a bartender. But not at a bar—at a guild. Yeah, the magic kind.

I'm not a badass mage like my three smokin' hot best friends. I'm not a sorcerer or an alchemist, or even a wussy witch. I'm just a human, slinging drinks like a pro and keeping my non-magical nose out of mythic business. Seriously, I know my limits.

So why am I currently standing in a black-magic ritual circle across from a fae lord?

Somewhere behind me, my three mage friends are battling for their lives. Somewhere near my feet is the rogue witch I just knocked out with a stolen spell. And I have about five seconds to convince this very angry sea god not to shmoosh me like a bug.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't part of the job description.

Note: The three mages are definitely sexy, but this series isn't a reverse harem. It's 100% fun, sassy, fast-paced urban fantasy.
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My Review:

With every new book in this series Annette Marie seems to outdo herself! Every book that I've read so far becomes a favorite after I finish it!

This was the most action-packed and fast-paced adventure yet! That was probably due to the circumstances Tori found herself in but it was amazing none the less! Tori continues to be her snarky and sassy self in this story. She also has an astonishing amount of things go wrong and work in her favor at the same time. I also loved how she's finally found her second family!

The guys were awesome as always! Zak still stood out in this novel even with everything that was going on. He's growing on me. I hope we see him in a future novel. I'm still firmly on team Erza. I just want to know more about him and his secrets. We've gotten to know all the other guys in different ways. Erza needs his turn!

I loved the ending! I also loved how the author finally made Tori kinda-sorta official (I can't say more than that because it's a huge spoiler). I also laughed out loud when the Zak plot twist was revealed! I can't wait for their next adventure!

The Audio Book:

The narrator did a good job overall! There were a few voices that started to blend into one another in the end but it was fine. She has a nice range of voices but her male voices don't go as deep as I would like them to.

My Rating:

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