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Friday, January 11, 2019

My Ramblings: Making Or Breaking A Book

Making Or Breaking A Book

This is a totally subjective opinion, but there are just some authors that essentially "click" with me. I've noticed it's a strange combination of being descriptive but not overly so, making implausible situations feel real with high stakes and creating a character/s that can do enough in the story as they are and they continue developing as everything happens. 

It's impossible to pinpoint all of that in one book but a combination of a few of those points will make other "problems" less irritating and visible to me while reading. 

All that concludes with the overall writing style. The novel can have all of that and much more but if I don't like how things are written out and paced it'll still end up as a DNF. Loving a book and giving it a 5-star review is a delicate balancing act for me. It's so strange how I didn't realize this sooner!

Do you have a balancing act when it comes to loving a book?
Let's discuss in the comments below!


  1. I feel the same way. Urban fantasy for example- I've tried different series and some just work, and other don't. The Kitty Norville books are a good example- they just clicked with me right from the outset. Whereas, say, the Discount Armageddon series by Seanan McGuire- as much as I WANTED to like it lol, it didn't click the same way. It's a weird thing. :)

    1. I have this problem more with authors than genres. Some authors can write a one word crossword puzzle and I'll read it and think "genius!" others can write that exact crossword puzzle and I'll find something that I don't like about it. It's weird. It's probably based on my basis's than anything else at this point :)

  2. I read mostly contemporaries, and I have no problem suspending belief when I read, since I read fiction. The one thing I HATE, when I read a book is when an author is constantly preachy. It something I see often in YA, when social issues are part of the story. Characters are probably the most important element of a story for me. I do not need to see myself in them. I do not need to relate to them, though, I almost always empathize with them, BUT I do need to like them.

    1. We're complete opposites! That's so interesting! I can agree with the hate of preachy-ness, though. I'd rather not have your beliefs poured down my throat while I'm reading a book, thanks :)


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