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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read

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Books By My Favorite Authors
That I Still Haven’t Read

* Book titles are linked to Goodreads

Undeniably Chosen
(Significance Series #5)
By Shelly Crane

I loved the Significance series and the idea of a new book in the series based around the same world with a different character point of view is awesome, but this novel fell through the cracks and hasn't been picked up since. I still plan to get to this book, but the keyword is eventually. Also, a follow-up book has been in the works for what feels like years now. So I could possibly wait until that gets released and read them back to back?

How this happened is weird when you consider I read the first book in this series twice (because it was re-released with extra material). So how I went from fangirling over this series to not picking up the sequel is beyond me.

Dawn of Ash
(Imdalind #6)
By Rebecca Ethington

This series fell off for me during book #5. I loved the story up to that point, but when you consider what was going on in the authors' personal life I can see why the books after #4 felt off. The good news is that she's re-working them (to a degree), covers included and plans to have them all done until the end of the year. I hope it goes well!

I love this author's books and, subconsciously, I think I haven't read this because I was waiting for all the books in the trilogy to get released. After that, I have no excuse. Though it could also be because I REALLY want the fourth book in the Denazen series (also by this author) to release that anything other than that simply doesn't work for me.

Chaos Falls
(Chaos Rises #3)
By Pippa DaCosta

For the record, I adore the paranormal and urban fantasy books by this author that I've read, but this one is going to take some time for me to read. This novel, in particular, follows a completely new character point of view that I'm not sure I'm going to love. So I'm hesitant to start it and not like it. Though I really have no excuse considering the audio book to this has been released.

Have you been neglecting books by your favorite authors?
Let's confess in the comments below!


  1. I've heard awesome things about Jus Accardo's books, and I'm definitely curious! I hope you get around to reading Infinity and the other books in the series, and love them!

    1. Jus Accardo has some amazing books (though that's coming from the fangirl in me because I haven't re-read recently enough to confirm my opinion of them)! They're YA for the most part. If you enjoy stories with paranormal elements you'll probably like them :)

  2. Well, I have not read any books by these authors, though I own an Jus Accardo book.

    1. Books by Jus Accardo are great! I'd recommend you move them closer to the top of your TBR pile :)

  3. Hunted looks fun- cool cover- and I hope the re-worked Ethington books end well! Looks like a fun series too.

    1. The Sinners series has gone through quite a few covers and my favorites are still the second edition to them (but that's because I like the character's represented on the covers). The Imdalind Series is so good and I'm hoping to get back into in a few months time. We'll see how long it takes the author to rework a few things and re-release the last few books :)


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