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Friday, March 17, 2017

My Ramblings: Cliffhangers & The Reasons I Don’t Necessarily Hate Them

Cliffhangers & The Reasons I Don’t
Necessarily Hate Them

I have a very complicated relationship with cliffhangers. I generally dislike them, unless I’m consciously going into a novel knowing that it will end at a cliffhanger. Which usually happens after I wait for the sequel to said book to release so I won’t suffer emotionally from it.

In it’s defense though, when executed in the right way it makes a novel that much better. I don’t mean those cliffhangers that leave a character’s fate hanging to obligate you to read the next book. That’s just rude. The ones that work/I like best are the ones that leave the story at a point where you know it’s not over yet and there are still a few prominent problems to be solved but at that moment everything is OK.

When done correctly they leave just enough of an opening that you don't feel obligated to read the next book. I hate it when someone tries to push me into something. Even if I'm already looking forward to it, I can guarantee you that just because they tried to induce me toward it I will do my best to not get there. I consider that a lovely personality quirk.

One book series that comes to mind as an example is 'The Veil' series By Pippa DaCosta. I was lucky enough to discover the series while it was still releasing. So I suffered through a few months of not knowing what was next for a while. I adore that authors writing because the ends always finishes in a culmination for what the book set up, but she always leaves you with a small problem or two that's unsolved.

Do you enjoy cliffhangers?
Why or why not?
Let me know in the comments below!

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