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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book Review: Scorched By Jennifer L. Armentrout

June - 2015

(Frigid #2)
By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: June 16th 2015
Published By: Spencer Hill Press

Sometimes life leaves a mark…

Most days, Andrea doesn’t know whether she wants to kiss Tanner or punch him in the gut. He is seriously hot, with legit bedroom eyes and that firefighter body of his, but he’s a major player, and they can’t get along for more than a handful of minutes. Until now.

Tanner knows he and Andrea have had an epic love/hate relationship for as long as he can remember, but he wants more love than hate from her. He wants her. Now. Tomorrow. But the more he gets to know her, the more it becomes obvious that Andrea has a problem. She’s teetering on the edge and every time he tries to catch her, she slips through his fingers.

Andrea’s life is spiraling out of control, and it doesn’t matter that Tanner wants to save her, because when everything falls apart and she’s speeding toward rock bottom, only she can save herself.

Sometimes life makes you work for that happily ever after…
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My Review:

What a moving story. A few tears even caught me by surprise by the end. This is a beautiful fictional example that happy endings are possible, even if you're suffering from addictions or traumas. 

Andrea (AKA 'Andy') liked drinking. She always drunk so much that she ended up sick or didn't remember events. I can't go into more details without giving out spoilers, just know that the situation ended up being pretty dire. Even with her friends around she wouldn't open up and that ended up almost costing her her happiness.

Tanner is the "hero". I don't know how Mrs. Armentrout did it, but she turned a manwhore into a relationship guy in the span of one book. Tanner turned out to be trust worthy, caring and just an all around good guy. 

I loved that Sydney and Kyler were in this novel! The beginning seemed a little like deja vu, but I wasn't disappointed. The twists and turns added on made the story feel original and the pacing of it all was on point.

Conclusion: If you have a problem, try and get help. It may not be easy, but in the long run it'll be the best thing you could have done. Surround yourself with friends and family that you know care about your wellbeing. Be brave. Be strong. Be you.

Favorite Quotes:

"You know, usually the people who smile the most and laugh the loudest are the ones who...suffer the most."

"Their whole story was a thing of fairytales, what little girls dreamed of - what I still kind of dreamed of in really pathetically sad sort of way."

The following quote isn't in the story per se. It's part of the acknowledgments and Mrs. Armentrout couldn't have said it better:

"[...] and that by the time you've reached the end [of the book], you can see that no matter what you're facing or the mistakes you have made, there is always a happily ever after waiting for you."

My Rating:

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