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Monday, January 6, 2014

Book Review: Siofra's Song By Theresa Marguerite Hewitt

Siofra's Song 
(The Broadus Supernatural 
Society #1) 
By Theresa Marguerite Hewitt 

In a society where supernatural creatures are known to humans, Siofra O'Hana has to deal with being a half-breed werewolf and telepathic. After losing her boyfriend after just finding out she was pregnant, Siofra takes off on a cross-country adventure. Breaking down in Montana, she takes up with a Pack. One year later she thinks her life is going to be perfect, until someone from her past comes back. Can she survive and make sure all her loved ones are going to be safe?

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My Review:

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

This was an OK read. It would have been better if not for the small details, that I usually don't mind, but for some reason I couldn't ignore while reading this book. The story was well written and narrated. The character's were ALL likable (which was a first for me, since I ALWAYS end up hating at least two character's per book I read). I still don't understand why I didn't love this book. It had everything I like going for it: hot werewolves; nicely narrated story in general; and even a plot twist.

The few things that bothered me in this story was:

1) The main character's name. That I didn't know how to pronounce it from the start was a turn off. Every time Siofra's name got mentioned I would get sucked out of the story and think of a new why to try and say it. Because of that I couldn't get that into the story.

2) In some scenes in the book the talking seemed forced. Why you ask? Well, I just love using contraction's and unless your a tourist learning a new language you do not speak formally. That also took a lot out of the book for me, since every time someone spoke formally I would have to stop reading and mentally correct the book C:

3) I just have one question referring to the beginning of the book: Why did it take ONE WHOLE YEAR for the mated couple to get together? If they were both being guided by their wolves why wait so long? The ironic thing is that after one asked the other out it went from holding hands to going all the way in the space of a few pages. It just didn't seem natural to me.

4) I didn't see the evolution from good guy to total psycho in the character that comes back, whose name I can't mention or it would be a HUGE spoiler. Said character didn't even explain it in his evil speech either. Seems like he went crazy from out of the blue....

Having said all that I'll get to the things I liked in this novel:

Fry (AKA Siofra) seemed like a very down to earth girl. Though she was pregnant she was no push over. She actually had a back bone (which I LOVE to see in heroine's) and gave her mate a hard time when he did something she didn't like/agree with.

Conall was a really nice, sensitive, charming, all around good guy. I don't really have anything to complain about him. He wasn't pushing and neither was he all dominating (which is a total turn off). I liked him right off the bat.

I was introducing to so many people in this novel that I don't really know anyone (except the main character's) by name. So I'll just say everyone was nice and move on C:

The ending was kind of unexpected. Why you ask? Well, usually when an author wants to drag the reader on for the ride in the next book she finishes with a cliff hanger. I appreciate this author's attitude in leaving me to ponder if I want to read the second or not and not just dragging me there. Congratulations, Mrs. Hewitt!! It was a nice surprise C:

Though I saw the ending coming from miles away it was still kind of scary what the author put me through. I can't comment on it or YET AGAIN I'll give the whole book away, but I will say those last few chapters were not a fun ride.

Favorite Quotes: 

"(...) let's face it, in a world of millions of people, what are the odds of you running into the person, or supe, made for you?"

"You'll pay with your life for that."

"You hear that? Conall points over their heads, towards the last waning cry for help. "That's the sound of your friends, being ripped apart. Limb from limb."

My Rating:

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