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Friday, June 9, 2017

My Ramblings: Book Conventions & Me

Book Conventions & Me

Some days it feels like I'm the only book blogger in the world who can embarrassingly and painfully admit that I have never been to a book event. I envy the bloggers I follow that travel a few states over to meet other bloggers they've talked to for months and go to a book event. 

The main reason that going to book events is unrealistic for me is that I'm stuck in Brazil. The few events that I'm interested in going to here quickly become too expensive to the point of having to possibly sell a kidney just to afford the basic package (which most times only includes the entry ticket with no possibility of pictures or autographs). 

The price only gets higher from there when you consider I live in a small town far far away from the states these events usually settle into. The airfare alone (when you don't have frequent flyer miles) get painfully high. I can't wait for the day money starts falling from the sky.

In conclusion, it'd be a dream come true to attend a book event and meet the authors whose works I treasure. Until that day comes, you'll find me here living vicariously through other people's youtube videos and blog posts.

Have you been to a book event?
Let me live vicariously through you by telling me about your experience
at a book event in the comments below!

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