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Sunday, October 5, 2014

In My Mailbox: Books Galore!!

**In My Mailbox**

Since I live so far out of reach from most of my favorite US authors, this 'series' on my blog will be few and far between, BUT sometimes I do luck out and find authors who are willing to send swag my way!!
Actually....Let me explain where I got all these books I'm talking about.

Well since May of this year I've been entering giveaways and most of them couldn't have the book sent directly to me. SO, I asked if a friend in the US could receive them for me and then forward them to me & MOST agreed C:

Thank God for that!

So Let Me Present My Latest Batch Of Books!!

I won Spellcaster (hardcover) and an ARC of Steadfast By Claudia Gray from Sabrina over at I Heart Y.A. Fiction!
Thank you SO much Sabrina!!

I won the March Mystery Book ARC Giveaway from Dark Talisman By Steven M. Booth from Mary over at BookHounds YA!
Thank you VERY much Mary!

I won Branded from the authors!
I absolutely LOVE this book and it's AWESOME that I now own something signed by both authors! I also adore that bookmark. I plan on making a lot of people jealous C:

Thank you SO much Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki!!

I won the Fault In Our Stars By John Green from Dianna over at Saving In Seconds!
Thanks Dianna!

I'm looking forward to crying over this story yet again C:

I won Final Life By Rose Garcia! Unfortunately I can't find who I won it from. I may have inadvertently deleted the email...Darn it!

I won Easy & Breakable By Tammara Webber from the publisher (Penguin Berkley) via Rachel from  RayKayBooks on Youtube and BOTH are signed by the author!! Easy was one of the first Upper YA/ New Adult books I picked up and I was totally impressed! Owning a signed copy of these books is an awesome feeling C:
Thank you very much Rachel and Penguin Berkley!

I won A Beautiful Distraction By Kelsie Leverich from the publisher (NAL Trade - Penguin) via Nereyda over at Mostly YA Book Obsessed!
Thank you Nereyda & Nal Trade!!

Last By certainly NOT least I received my FIRST physical ARC BEFORE the release date from a publisher (Disney Hyperion)!! It's Killer Instinct By Jennifer Lynn Barnes and it's the second book in the Naturals series and I can't wait to read it!!
Thank you Disney Hyperon!!

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