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Monday, August 16, 2021

Audio Book Review: Wolf Girl By Leia Stone

Wolf Girl
(Wolf Girl #1)
By Leia Stone

Narrator:Vanessa Moyen
Length: 5 hours and 59 minutes

When my parents were banished from Wolf City before I was born, I thought there was no way I would ever live in a pack again. Cuffed, with my shifter magic bound, I was forced to go to school with witches in order to keep my true nature from coming out.

Then I met him.

Sawyer Hudson.

The Alpha's son was visiting Delphi Witches' College and spotted me. He took one look at me, and an hour later, I was being pulled out of school, taken into Wolf City and leaving my parents and everything I knew behind.

It's the Alpha's son's selection year, the year he must pick a mate, and every female aged 18-22 must be in attendance.

I've landed myself in the middle of Werewolf Bachelor, and just when I think I've got a handle on things, Sawyer releases my cuffs, unbinds my magic, and sees what I really am.

The problem is, I don't know what this creature is that I transform into. It's not an ordinary werewolf, that's for damn sure.
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My Review:

This book was going to get a 4-star review before that ending. After that ending, it's getting a 3-star review. I've been more open and understanding of cliffhanger endings in the last few years. I may not love them but I don't hate them with a passion of one thousand suns like I used to. This ending however was cruel, for the sake of being cruel. Had the next book not been available right away I would have stopped reading this series then and there.

Demi was an okay character. At first, she seemed like a carbon copy of another heroine this author has written in the past. I got over it but it was weird at first. I disliked how she was made to be powerless because other people thought it was better for her without even talking her options through *cough* Sawyer *cough*.

Sawyer just rubbed me the wrong way. One moment he was the sweetest a guy could be and available emotionally. The next he was secretive and all like "I'm going to have to do something you to you that may make you dislike me. I'm sorry". Just no. The overall insta-love between them also didn't make me feel any warm fuzzies either.

The ending deserves to be burned with fire. I disliked it very much. I would recommend you have the second book in hand for when you finish this because you will rage. Overall, I like the world the author created enough to continue on in this series. Let's see how far I get into it before I rage quit for good.

The Audio Book:

The narration was great! All the characters had distinct enough voices to be distinguishable from one another.

My Rating:

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  1. I tend to be weary of female protagonists in this age bracket plus the negatives you've mentioned Mikky would be high on my "no" list too. I think I'll wait to read your thoughts about book 2 before I commit to this one.


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