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Monday, April 5, 2021

Audio Book Review: Midnight Lies By Leia Stone & Raye Wagner

Midnight Lies
(Shifter Island #2)
By Leia Stone
& Raye Wagner

Length: 6 hours and 35 minutes
Narrator: Vanessa Moyen

Nai thought nothing could be worse than Alpha Academy’s midyear games…

The first few months of school weren’t exactly easy: fated-mate from the rival clan, selkie attacks, and that minor, aka huge, plot to kill her.

But things seem to be going from bad to worse.

After watching a loved one’s horrific death at the hands of the alpha king, Nai decides another visit to Dark Row is in order. After all, a witch there knows the Keeper of Souls, and Nai wants her friend back.

But the trip to the Realm of the Dead doesn’t go quite as planned. Nai discovers a family member has been keeping secrets—BIG secrets. Scratch that. Make that TWO family members—and LOTS of secrets.

When Nai's negotiation skills land her and Rage in a contract that is near impossible to meet, the consequences of success and failure are equally dire.

Ah, hello, trouble!

She's determined to bring her friend back from the dead and still keep her mate, or die trying.

One thing’s for certain, nothing on Shifter Island will ever be the same.
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My Review:

This wasn't my favorite book of this series but it also wasn't that bad. My main issue with it was how these impossible problems came to be but were resolved like it was no big deal at the very end of the book. With how big the problems were I was expecting them to be spaced out into a few books.

Nai continues to be an interesting character. The mysteries surrounding her are becoming clearer. I actually appreciate her stumbling around and asking for help with the things she doesn't know about/hasn't mastered yet. I also appreciate her drive to do things she doesn't want to, to benefit her pack and father.

Rage still leaves a bad taste in my mouth due to the events in the first book. He still hasn't won me over. Maybe with the novella from his point of view as the next book in this series that will lessen or change altogether. As of now, I'm still not a fan and I dislike how fast Nai forgave him for his BS.

The end was disheartening. It would have been too simple to actually have a 10-minute conversation with Rage explaining the circumstances, right? RIGHT? Urgh. I guess I know what to expect in the novella from his point of view now and I'm not happy about it.

The Audio Book:

The narration was fine. The characters were distinguishable from each other and there were no strange noises in the background. The audio was clear and easy to listen to.

My Rating:


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