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Monday, May 13, 2019

Book Review: Forever Claimed By Kim Loraine

Forever Claimed
(Vampire Brides)
By Kim Loraine

My one purpose coming to this small town was to kill the hunter who ruined my brother. To avenge the hatred that burned in my unbeating heart. The last thing I imagined was meeting my mate.

I only stepped in to stop the senseless assault on the gorgeous coffee shop owner, but one brush of our skin, and my heart started beating again.

One touch, and I knew she was mine.

One kiss and I knew it would be impossible for me to leave without Elaine by my side.

But she doesn't know about the world I live in. The world of vampires and immortality and cruel savagery.
She doesn't understand the cost of becoming my mate, and I'm not sure I have the will to change something so perfect.

When the hunters realize I'm here, they will stop at nothing until they wipe out my clan. Elaine included.

I will destroy anything that threatens her. Fight to the bitter end to ensure her safety.

Only then can I claim her.

Take her as my mate.

My bride.

My forever.

Forever Claimed is a novella featured in the Vampire Brides series. All books in the Vampire Brides series are standalone and can be read in any order.
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My Review:

I love the idea of this series of standalone books set in the same world while keeping the idea of what a vampire is consistent between all of them. This novel in particular, however, was not for me.

I understand that novellas are quick and short stories but I prefer them after I've read a full novel and have a grasp at who the characters are and what world they're in. This story felt too rushed. There wasn't much to anything if you exclude the mate bond. I wanted to get to know both characters, maybe have them share a full conversation and get to know each other apart from the bond for a period of at least 24 hours total before things progress any farther.

The action in this story was great, but everything got resolved so quickly to an unrealistic degree (even in fiction I have my limits). What could have been a recuse mission goes from kidnapped to wow-he-broke-the-door-down-and-the-other-guy-is-dead in the span of two pages.

I can't really comment on the characters because they didn't seem to have much of a personality other than I've-found-my-mate and your-mine-forevermore.

Maybe the problem with this book was me all along. I was expecting something with more depth and dare-I-say-it lore to the vampires this group of authors created. Everything felt surface deep and, try as I might, to understand I just wanted more than I got.

My Favorite Quotes:

"Even monsters can be heroes."

"Dying doesn't make anything special. Living does."

My Rating:


  1. Aw bummer about this one. It does sound like it needed a bit more depth, but like you I think the vampires-living-among-us thing is fun. Sorry this was a bit disappointing!

    1. Vampire books are so fun! I don't know why people think it's boring after only reading about them from Twilight or Interview With A Vampire. There's so much more to the overall genre. It happens. Not all books are for everyone :/


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