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Friday, November 16, 2018

Book Tag: Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag was created by The Book Archer on YouTube. This tag asks questions about all those pesky unpopular opinions we all avoid sharing and/or justify right after we've shared them!

* Book titles and author names are linked to Goodreads.

1. What is a popular book or series that you didn’t like?

Before anyone starts throwing stones, hear me out! I've watched the movies and they were fine. I tried reading the books after I kept being told repeatedly how "out of this world" they were. That threw me off because when I finally picked up the first book I found it to be rather boring. I tried to get through it and like it but it just wasn't for me.

2. What is a popular book or series that everyone
else seems to hate but you love?

Going through the averages of the books I've read on Goodreads, nothing is standing out. Though I'm sure there has to be at least a handful of books that a lot of people hate but I love.

3. What is a love triangle in a book or series where the
main character ended up with the person you did not
want them to end up with?

- House Of Night Series By P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast - I was Team Stark. (I stopped reading when the human started being too much, so I don't actually know who ended up with who in this series);

- Mercy Thompson Series By Patricia Briggs - I was Team Sam for quite a few books;

- Vampire Diaries Original Trilogy By L. J. Smith - I will forever be Team Damon.

These are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

4. What is a popular book genre that you hardly reach for?

Horror and Thrillers. There have been exceptions, but they are few and far between. I was a big fan of those genres in my early teens but it's passed. I won't say I'll never go back to them, but it's not something I'm actively looking for in the books I'm reading today.

5. What is a popular or beloved character that you do not like?

He started off as a part of a sort of love triangle and ended up getting rejected at the beginning of the first book but couldn't get over it for whatever reason. He got annoying and overbearing throughout the first two novels in the series. I never finished the series because the last book is in his point of view and I just don't want to be in his head even if it means I'll never finish the series.

6. Who is a popular author that you can’t seem to get into?

K. F. Breene. I've tried getting into three different novels by this author and they didn't work for me. I've finally come to the conclusion that it's the writing style. Everything is very slow moving and very descriptive which isn't for me. 

7. What is a popular book trope that you are tired of seeing?

Love triangles. I hate the on and off thing love triangles provoke in books. I'm also usually on the side of the person that gets dumped in the end. So I'd rather not go through that or put myself through all that. 

8. What is a popular book or series that you
have no interest in reading?

Social media ruined the ending for me and because of that I
gave up on the movies and never started on the books.

9. What is a movie or TV show adaption of a book
or series that you like more than the book/s?

The Vampire Diaries TV show is so full of drama, but it's SO good in a soap opera type guilty pleasure sort of way. I remember liking the original book trilogy, but the TV show made everything so much better!

What unpopular opinion(s) do you keep hidden away?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I not only have no interest in reading The Hunger Games, but I have not interest in reading Harry Potter. I feel like I know the story, or enough of the story, from seeing the movies, and therefore, I have desire to read the books.

    1. I totally agree with you! The movies were enough for me. I was never a fangirl of the movies so there wasn't much of a point to picking up the novels.


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