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Friday, September 14, 2018

Book Tag: Never Have I Ever Bookish Edition

I've never played Never Have I Ever in a real setting because it isn't a game that ever came up with my friends in Brazil, so this sounds so fun to me! This tag was originally compiled by Lauren at Lauren's Boook Shelf from youtube videos and the internet in general.

So Never Have I Ever ...

1. Lost my cool when meeting an author--
and maybe embarrassed myself...

I have yet to met an author I admire! I live on the other side of the world (Brazil) in a small town. When authors I know come to Brazil they usually only go as far as the big cities which would mean a 14+ hour bus ride or an absurdly expensive plane ticket that I don't have the money to pay for considering my bookish habit. At this point, I WISH I could make an *ss out of myself in front of an author I admire. At least that would mean I'd have gotten to chance to meet them in person!

2. Told someone I read the book when I only saw the movie...

Probably at one point this happened, but I can't recall a specific book or movie :/

3. Forgotten (or refused) to return a library book...

Nope. I'm a rather organized person, and I also have this thing about taking better
care of something that's not mine than if I were to buy it. It's weird and
annoying. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it :/

4. Completely fallen in love with a fictional character...

Who hasn't? If your answer is no, you haven't found the right book or genre yet!

5. Left a book behind while traveling

Nope. No. Never. I'm very organized with my stuff. Everything has its place
(especially when I'm traveling). 

6. Stayed up all night reading...

When I was in my early teens I used to stay up at all hours of the night to finish a
book. Nowadays it doesn't happen as often, but it occasionally does slip by
and I feel like a zombie the next day :)

7. Started a book but didn't finish...

Who hasn't is the first question that comes to mind. I've DNF books left and
right. I'm also doing my best to not feel guilty about it all the time.

8. Owned several copies of the same book...

I'm guilty of this! In my defense, the covers are all SO pretty!

Have you ever stayed up all night reading?
Let's confess a bookish "never have I ever" in the comments!


  1. I've never played the game either, I hadn't even heard of it as a kid! Fun tag though! I've been guilty of having multiple copies of a book- if it's one I really love I'll have a "reading copy" ha ha (maybe even two!) and of course the "good copy". And I don't know how many times I've kicked myself for staying up late reading and being dead the next day... then I do it again. :)

    1. I was SO out of the loop as a teenager that it isn't even funny! I'm a sucker for a pretty book cover! I like all my books in mint condition but the idea of having a dedicated "reading copy" is growing on me. Specially when I have to put them in purses where they will inevitably get jostled around and dented. Staying up late for a good book is always a good idea :)

  2. I might have to steal this tag. My friends and I used to play this game at sleepovers when we were teenagers. We didn’t ask innocent bookish questions, though!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Feel free to do this tag! I've love to see your choices! That's so fascinating to me! This game isn't a thing in Brazil so knowing that it's an actual thing that happens at sleepovers and not just a game that movies stereotype is so interesting :)


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