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Friday, May 11, 2018

My Ramblings: Meh Books & Why I Seem To Be Haunted By Them

Meh Books & Why I Seem To Be Haunted By Them

I'm either in a huge reading slump or I suddenly don't know how to pick books anymore. I've lost count of how many books I've started and stopped over the last few months. Only the bare minimum is being read (because my anxiety obligates me to not get behind on reviews). It's becoming painful to see the amount of perfectly fine books I'm throwing to the side because I didn't like how someone was walking.

What the heck did I do to get myself in a book slump that has been lasting for at least 6 months? As far as I can tell I'm picking the same types of books I've been picking since I started this blog. I've even tried books completely out of my comfort zone to try and snap myself out of it (that has proven to lift the book slump for a few days and then the cycle starts anew).

I've also tried to relax on reading in general and give myself a break. That lasted about 30 days and then anxiety kicked in. So now I'm guilt-ridden and in what feels like a lifelong book slump that just won't go away.

Audio books usually help in this whole ordeal, but not this time! I've also lost count of how many audiobooks I've passed up because I'm too afraid to start throwing money to the wind and end up hating every single one. I sometimes wish money would start growing on trees ...

Do you have any tips on how to get over a book slump this bad?
Can someone please project some sense into me...
in the comments below


  1. Gah! This is terrible. I have never been in a real slump, but I did have two 3-star reads this week, so I read a book from one of my favorite authors, and it really made a world of difference.

    1. I wish a bad week for me would be rating a few books 3 stars! That's usually my average rating according to Goodreads. Maybe I don't know how to pick books that I like anymore now that I'm thinking about it LOL :/
      I've re-read a few books from authors I really like throughout this slump, but that only lasts so long because I can't re-review them :/


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