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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Book Review: Claws & Effect By Jessica Sims

Claws & Effect
(Midnight Liaisons #3.6)
By Jessica Sims

Published: June 27th 2014
Publisher: Jill Myles

Lily Faust’s world became a nightmare the day she was kidnapped by a vampire. Six months later, she’s been freed…by were-cougars. For Lily, this is the epitome of ‘frying pan to fire’ and for the Russell clan, it’s trouble in a terrified human package.

Ellis Russell wants nothing more than to soothe Lily’s fears and become her friend. But when tension – and passion – flares between them, Ellis has to decide: can he love a human if loving her means letting her go?

Or can he ever let her go?
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My Review:

I find Jessica Sims's Midnight Liaisons Series SO cute! They are just the right amount of interesting and the pacing of the story is just right. I also love reading about abused turned strong heroines, so this was a treat for me to read.

For those of you who read the books in this series in order, you might remember Lily from the last book when the vampire kidnapping/dungeon scene happened. She was the girl who had been locked up for a while down there. As you can expect she's terrified and untrusting of every "monster" around her. After a while, Ellis happens.

Ellis is a were-cougar that finds his mate in Lily. The beginning was really sweet. She was scared out of her mind and he was talking her ear off trying to get her to open up. 

A few things I disliked was how easily the words "I love you" were thrown around towards the end. I understand that they are mates and all, but Lily just got out of a horrific situation and is just starting to get adjusted to her new reality and you expect her to start singing "I love you" after the first week together? I also understand this is fiction, but I like my fiction with a large dose of reality (at least emotionally speaking). Also, if you read the last book, it was mentioned that not all humans survive the transformation. I kept wondering if it was ever going to be mentioned in this novella. Just because it's a short story doesn't mean the author gets to leave out crucial information presented in the last book of the series.

Favorite Quotes:

"He'd confessed his love for me and I'd screamed 'Stockholm Syndrome' in his face".

"Sometimes, I felt more like a guest than a prisoner".

"If it's a hardship I must endure, I'll solider on".

My Rating:

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