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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like To Check In With

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I couldn't come up with more than two books that had some sort of memory
attached to them, so I'll be picking a topic of a past Top Ten Tuesday:

Characters I’d Like To Check In With

* Book titles linked to Goodreads.

Chloe & Derek From The
Darkest Powers Trilogy
By Kelley Armstrong

I've wanted a Chloe and Derek book to happen ever since I read about them. Though their story takes place when they were teenagers (around 15 or 16 - I may be mistaken on this number it's been a while since I've read the books) I've always been curious as to what their lives would be like if it were to be fast-forwarded 10 or 15 years. The author has said she's open to aging the characters and writing a follow-up book/series (*fingers crossed*) but it's not a top priority. I can understand because writing a book is no easy feat, but I NEED a follow-up story for this couple!

Claire & Shane From The
Morganville Vampires Series
By Rachel Caine

The Morganville Vampires series kind of fell off for me around book #11 and I could never get back into it. At that point, I was only attached to a few characters and the storylines were getting weird and a little too unbelievable. I've always had a soft spot for Claire and Shane due to their circumstances. I would love to get a short story of them 10 years in the future just to see what became of them in the hunky-dory town of Morganville.

Sabina & Adam From The
Sabina Kane Series
By Jay Wells

This series has a special place in my heart. The overall humor of one character, in particular, holds everything together. I would love to have either a spin-off series (featuring someone other than Sabina as the main character) or an extra novel set 10 years in the future just to check up on Sabina and the gang.

Any secondary character in The
Mageri Universe/Series
By Dannika Dark

It's times like these that I wish writing books were as easy as projecting general thoughts into a machine and just letting it do its thing and poof! the book is done. This author created such a unique and well fleshed out world that I want to read about almost every single one of the character's that have been featured in all her novels thus far. Her writing has gotten better with every book release. As creepy as the following sentence may sound, I just want to be a fly on the wall of her mind to bask in all the stories she has locked up in there and has yet to put on paper.

Gwen and Logan From The
Mythos Academy Series
By Jennifer Estep

The Mythos Academy Series is cute and Gwen and Logan left a great impression on me. I'd love to know if Gwen is still getting herself into world-altering trouble 10 or 15 years in the future. A short story or even a novel set in the future sounds awesome for this series!

Do you have any character's that you'd like to check in with?
Are any of my mentions on your list?
Let's discuss in the comments below!


  1. I should try The Darkest Powers since I'm wanting to expand my reading of Kelley Armstrong anyway. Everything I've read from her I've liked, so far. And the Morganville Vampires series does sound fun...

    1. The Darkest Powers Trilogy and it's spin-off by Kelley Armstrong from what I remember back in the day is awesome! The Morganville Vampires started off interesting. Maybe not that there's not waiting time between books it'll make things better to get through :)

  2. I could not come up with anything for this week's topic either, but I love the topic you picked. I always want to know how my characters are doing after, and my list would be endless. I am with you on the Mythos characters. I would be game for seeing them in a future setting.

    1. Thanks! My list would probably be endless too if I actually went back through ALL the books I've read. These are just the ones that are more prominent in my mind. Have you read the Mythos Academy spin-off? I couldn't really get into it unfortunately :/


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